My Experience with Belief Coding

Belief coding

You may have heard about Belief Coding and are wondering what it is and whether it’s legit. I’ve got you. In this article I talk about my experiences of using it in my practice. I also cover some of the most common conserns my clients have expressed about it.

My experience

When I first came across Jessica Cunningham and Belief Coding I wondered, is it a scam? Or is it a cult? Or is it an MLM? What the F is Belief Coding? It just didn’t make sense to me yet. Here I was seeing Jessica Cunningham talking on socials everywhere I looked about Belief Coding.

I wanted to know if all the hype was true and if it was good. I’d read all these amazing reviews and testimonials, but it wasn’t until I attended the masterclass TWICE AND paid for two sessions that I realised the reviews and testimonials were in fact true… it works. Not only does it work – it’s EFFING AMAZING.

I came to it as a highly skilled practitioner working in EFT, Trauma Therapy and working with anxiety. I’d facilitated clients to have the most profound shifts and changes. Yet there were clients who were stuck and I felt I couldn’t get the root of the issues and felt helpless with them and their pain. Everything changed with Belief Coding

Does it work?

I can understand why people think it might be a scam or if it works. In fact – it must be one of the biggest questions I get from enquiries – ‘does it work’ or ‘is it good’ or ‘can you explain how it works’.

Given the fact that many people spend YEARS in therapy and never get anywhere then come for a couple of sessions and get results that they felt were out of reach – it’s a shock to the system or a cultural disbelief that healing is so easy.

I’ve had clients astounded by the results, literally in shock at the speed of it.

I’ve had clients who have been to see private psychiatrists and psychologists for years and have never seen the results that they have after 2/3 sessions.

And I’ve had clients who have then gone onto train in Belief Coding because of the results – life changing – they want that magic too.

Jessica Cunningham

Is it a cult?

Because of how it works and how evangelical many of the facilitators are – it might be easy to question ‘is it a cult’ or ‘is it an MLM’ – but read the thousands of reviews and testimonials and experience it for yourself and you’ll be blown away by both Jessica Cunningham and Belief Coding.

In fact, the only way to know it’s not a scam or cult or MLM is by experiencing it for yourself.

If you’d like to book in for a session – click HERE or click HERE to find out more about Belief Coding.

Much love, Tricia xxxx

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