Stuck in the stickiness…

How’s your week been?

I’m in a mega juggling week… kids on exam leave (who knew how hard that would be!), recovering from a virus, husband away and an incredibly busy period at work.

Last week was probably one of the first weeks I didn’t send out my weekly email in months because I literally didn’t have time.

That wasn’t an excuse.

That was reality.

I wasn’t hiding behind – I don’t have time, energy, motivation – I just literally didn’t have it.

It’s not always been the case though.

I used to often hide behind my monkeys – no time, no energy, too much to do, when I didn’t want to do something. Even if the something was a good thing.

It’s something I see a lot in my clients.

Often you’ll make yourself so busy so you don’t have the time to do the thing you really want to do because your mind is…. well… scared….

Such as:

  • You want to join the local badminton club as you used to love badminton as a child, but weirdly you never seem to have the time on a Monday night to go… got to get the kids to bed, dishes to do, write that ‘urgent’ email, check bbc news again – there’s never a good Monday night
  • You want to open up a new cafe…. You’ve seen a perfect location and you just know it’s going to be right… yet… someone needs you, financial situation changes, it’s summer it’s not a good time, there’s a cost of living crisis… so you don’t, but you keep eyeing up that spot…
  • You want a career change, but you’ve just had a baby, husband has a new job and you don’t want to rock the boat, but it’s like a DREAM job… until there’s some ‘steadiness’ you can’t just jump ship…. Yet the steadiness never comes…

It’s what I call – stuck.  

You’re stuck in this part of life where you WANT one thing, but to get that thing… something needs to shift… but you don’t shift it… therefore it never happens and you stay stuck in the cycle of stickiness.


  • You can get to the badminton on a Monday night when you overcome your own internal fears… which isn’t putting the kids to bed, but probably fear of going to a new thing/social anxiety/fear of judgement/not feeling good enough
  • You can open the bloody cafe when you overcome your own internal fears of failure/success/judgement… but if you never try it… you may miss an amazing adventure
  • You can go for the job when you overcome your own internal fears of not being good enough/judgement/failure/success

There’s all sorts of scenarios like this in life.  

Most of the time it’s the internal ping pong match in your head that keeps you stuck.

Your mind is amazing at coming up with excuses.

This is something I love working with. Unsticking people.

I know often the the excuses you hide behind aren’t real (not always of course!).

What does always exist between what you want and what you have when you don’t have it… is fear….  every single time.

I’m creating a new 6 week one to one programme called Make it Happen for anyone who is stuck in the stickiness and is ready to take a leap of faith (with my support). I don’t have all the details yet, but if you’d like to go on the waitlist then get in touch and I’ll send you the details first.

Much love, Tricia xx

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