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If you really want to see results – understand Why Anxiety is Your Superhero by enrolling in this masterclass

In this masterclass, you will go from not understanding why anxiety exists and impacts you to fully understanding anxiety and easy to use tools to help you soothe, manage and regulate those anxious feelings meaning a life free from anxiety.


This class covers:


  • What the role of anxiety is and why the brain is wired to think anxious thoughts 
  • Why anxiety is a part with a role to protect and support you (even if it doesn’t feel like this!)
  • How changing your perception of anxiety and your relationship with anxiety brings relief and allows you to find freedom from it 
  • The power of thoughts and how changing your actions and thoughts can change the emotions and feelings 
  • A selection of tools which can quickly cut through anxiety



By joining this masterclass you will:


  • Completely change the way you see anxiety and your relationship with it 
  • Gain huge insight into anxiety meaning you can quickly take control of your thoughts, those feelings will dissipate and it will lessen the impact it has on your life.
  • Learn tools and strategies to create distance between you and the anxious part of you so that you can find freedom from it 
  • Increase your energy as you’re not so exhausted by those thoughts, feelings and emotions meaning you’ll have the energy and motivation to go for walks/exercise/take the kids out/do things around the house/apply for that job 
  • Stop avoiding situations or people that make you feel anxious meaning that you feel much more confident and fulfilled 
  • Increase your ability to manage life/work and parenthood 

This masterclass was recorded on the 24th June 2021 and is now available.


The normal price of this class is £45. Using the coupon code, “FRIENDS”, means you can purchase this class for £30. 


Click on the link below to get this discount and start your journey to calm and confidence today.