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I’m DELIGHTED that you’re making a choice to take control and start feeling better.
The download, 10 Easy Ways to Ease Anxiety Fast,  is now in your email.

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If you really want to see results – you might be interested in booking a Calmer You Clarity Call.

How would you like to be clear on how to feel happier, calmer and more like you again?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out and don’t know where to start then this is for you. 

Here’s what your life may look like right now:

  • Your head is full of churning thoughts that you can’t think straight or rationally and going through all the scenarios each and every time and you’re exhausted from it 
  • You’re struggling to relax with this knot in your stomach that just won’t let you settle  
  • You’re quick to anger and find yourself going from 0 to 100 in 2 milliseconds 
  • You’ve tried breathing and meditation and nothing works – in fact, at times you’re even more overwhelmed and you could be getting on with so much in that time 
  • You’re busy trying to get life right and everything under control that you’ve forgotten how to just enjoy life and your kids 

In your 60 minute session, we’ll focus on where you want to get to, how you’ll get there and what you need to do, as well as how to eliminate any barriers that may stop you. 

This session is ideal for you if you know that you need a kickstart and you want someone to help you find a clear pathway forward so you can focus easily, but aren’t sure if a long term support package is for you. 

On booking, you’ll complete a questionnaire to help me get a full understanding of where you’re at and what you’d like to achieve from this session. This ensures the session is super laser focussed and we can maximise our 60 minutes. 

The investment is £97 and sessions are recorded and available to you for 7 days after our session.