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The vet was literally terrified of him

My clients will often talk about this anxiety and rage that overwhelms them.

Almost like a wild animal in them that they have no control over.

It’s not a conscious decision to let this wild animal within them unleash.

It comes from something in their situation feeling threatening.

I miss her

I know my kids want their funny, loving, kind mum back… I want her back too. I miss her. The last few weeks and year has really taken it’s toll on all of us. What’s your plan for your own recovery?

Every year I avoid this….

The issue is the longer you put something off something that you’re worried about… the:

– Bigger it becomes
– More headspace it consumes
– Time it takes up is more time than it should
– Money it loses you
– More sleep you loose

I just feel like….

A lot of my clients come to me often with the description….I just feel like….

I’m struggling/I’m drowning/I’m shouting too quickly/I’ve got a constant knot in my stomach/I’m anxious/I’m not being very nice to my partner/I could be doing it better/I’m not coping/I’m finding work or family difficult/I’m having intrusive thoughts/I’m unable to sleep/I’m ruled by my to do list/I’m burned out or exhausted….. it goes on….

These are the symptoms of ‘overwhelm’ and the day to day impact of your reaction to your current situation.

What’s taking up all your energy….

This is the work I love to do as it provides you freedom from burn out and anxiety. Life feels much more aligned. You can much better perspective. You can think rationally and clearly. Life is happier, calmer and easier. And within all of that, it returns your energy as you are not so constantly exhausted.