get in touch

I’m so pleased you’ve clicked here and want to know more – I know for many that can be a big step in itself. This website is intended to provide you with a lot of information in terms of how we can work together.

If you’re now ready to work more closely together, the easiest thing to do would be to email me – with a very brief (ie. a couple of sentences) description of what your main symptoms are or what’s going on for you.  Please do not distress yourself by going into detail.  I can normally assess fairly quickly if I can help you.

From the information you send me I will:

  • Let you know if I can help you and how (I might ask some very specific questions)
  • Signpost you to a different service which might be better suited for you

 What I promise is that I will only suggest things if (a) I am confident that they will help you and (b) give you the time to and space to ensure that they are right for you.

I offer support for all budgets through online programmes, groups and one to one.