EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping


Are you struggling and feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious?

Maybe you’ve had a difficult event or series of events and you’d like help to overcome them?

Maybe you’re fearful or scared of something specific?

Maybe you’re just plain fed up with life and feel in despair and would like to get out of the rut you are in?

Maybe certain people, places or situations make you clam up and would like to feel different?

Maybe you’ve had a difficult birth or other perinatal experience (fertility, loss, breastfeeding, neonatal unit etc) that you’d like to move on from?


Here’s a solution that could work for you:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – often referred to as Tapping

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique also known as “Tapping”) is becoming recognised as an effective intervention for PTSD.  It was recently included in the NICE (2018) guidelines for PTSD recognising that there was enough evidence specifically for PTSD to be worthy of government-funded further research. It can also be effective for relieving anxiety, stress, overwhelm, deep seated beliefs, fears and phobias, emotional behaviours and so much more.


Studies have found EFT results in changes in the brain, DNA expression, hormone production, brain waves, and blood flow.  It is also recognised at being relatively quick with no adverse events.


It works like other talking therapies and at the same time stimulating various points on the hands, head, face and body through tapping. These points regulate the nervous system and elicit a sense of calm in the body. Through this process, the person feels calm when they bring to mind the issue.


It can be used both as a self-help tool or as a therapeutic intervention depending on the severity of what the person needs help with.  PTSD/trauma would be one area where a person would need one to one support as would an area such as tokophobia/extreme phobias or anxiety.


Once someone has learned how to use it, they can also support themselves between sessions (ie. if they experience a flashback or panic attack) or to keep supporting themselves after the therapy sessions are complete and integrate it into their everyday life. It lends itself well to working online and in groups.


It is suited to PTSD/anxiety/stress/extreme fears and phobias because it’s a gentle, it’s works with the physical symptoms in the body as well as the mind, it’s relatively quick, it’s easy for people to learn and if they choose to integrate it into their lives they can.  Typically, it might be between 4-8 sessions.  It can be used in conjunction with other approaches.


There are a lot of self-help videos online which are a helpful introduction to EFT.  It also means that a lot of therapists who are practising are self-taught meaning that you may not get the full benefits of EFT. EFT International (https://eftinternational.org) lists all accredited practitioners, that means that they are trained, they’ve had to complete a rigorous accreditation process, they know how to practise safely, follow a code of ethics, require supervision and CPD hours each year.


What’s the evidence around EFT?

Studies have shown a comparison between CBT/Medication and EFT – the average number of sessions for treating anxiety with CBT/Medication is 15 (typical number of sessions between 9 and 20) whereas EFT the average is 3 (typical number of sessions between 1 and 7).  There is still more research to be done to really evaluate it’s effectiveness given how new it is.  However, as a therapy it’s gaining a massive momentum, becoming much more mainstream and that speaks volumes in itself.

Here are some articles which help:

The benefits of EFT:

  • It can be fast and effective
  • It’s gentle as the tapping itself regulates the system
  • Clients can go at their own pace and can also learn EFT to use themselves
  • There’s a feeling of being relaxed/increased wellbeing post sessions
  • It typical needs far less sessions than traditional approaches

What I like to use it for (where my expertise lies):

I have also successfully used EFT with migraines, addictions, fear of flying, events (car crashes), general fears and phobias (spiders, cats, blood and other issues), limiting beliefs (I’m not good enough) and so much more…

(Please note, that sometimes EFT will be used in COMBINATION with other tools that I use).

Clients’ stories

“After suffering from 6 miscarriages and 1 termination last year I felt I needed some counselling to help me through the severe anxiety I was suffering. I was referred to Tricia through another counsellor, due to her specialism in fertility and birth.

I have to say, I had never heard of EFT technique but was open to trying it. Tricia and I conducted our sessions over Skype, which worked well for me as I felt safe and secure in the comfort of my home. The EFT technique helped me to work through the massive knot in my stomach I had surrounding my miscarriages and fertility. I always came away from the session feeling positive and less anxious.

To help me move forward and let go of some of the hurt surrounding the losses, Tricia used a technique called REWIND, which involved me bringing my anxieties to the surface and then imagining myself in a safe, calming place. This technique helped me to move forward and view being pregnant in a more positive light, removing some of the trauma I associated with it.

Since January this year I worked with Tricia through a successful pregnancy, right up to birth. Helping to keep me in a positive state of mind and also prepare for the birth.

Since having baby Freddie in October, Tricia has provided excellent support and advice on breast feeding.

Both the birth and breastfeeding bundles have been extremely useful.

I would certainly recommend Tricia to anyone who has fertility issues and looking to move forward with a more positive mindset and hopefully success like me with a beautiful baby.”

Sam Leyton

“I went to see Tricia as I was suffering from a horrible anxiety and my friend recommended EFT. I admit I wasn’t convinced after reading the information but I thought I’d give a go. Tricia put me at ease immediately and we worked through some of things that were making me feel edgy.  Within moments of starting the tapping technique I was calmer and the session was hugely beneficial. I’ve never know something to work so well so quickly and two weeks later I still feel great, I would highly recommend giving EFT a try”.

“Can totally recommend Tricia Murray and EFT. after a very traumatic first birth experience I had a lot to resolve before I could birth my second daughter. She helped me do it just the way I wanted and needed. It was a big healing experience.” Taciana Jackson

“I booked EFT sessions with Tricia to help get over my anxiety and fear of Post Natal Depression returning during my second pregnancy. I also hoped to work on coping with other stressful life situations during my pregnancy. I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough, she made me feel completely at ease! I had never experienced anything like EFT before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I couldn’t believe the difference in my coping skills after even just one session. Tricia made me feel  safe, secure and relaxed during the sessions and I wish I had known about EFT sooner in life. Thank you Tricia!” (KD, Edinburgh)

“I am so grateful to have discovered Tricia. She has been a great crutch in tough times and a very supportive EFT teacher. Learning basics of EFT has brought me a great sense of empowerment and a few minutes of daily use help me keep my long term anxiety in check for the first time in years. Every so often I touch base with a one-to-one session to check how things are or delve a little deeper and feel a huge improvement to my quality of life. Thank you Tricia for your support and and you judgement-free and humorous approach.”


  • £450 for a block of 5 session of 90 mins
  • If you genuinely cannot afford this fee – get in touch and ask me about my low-income clinic where you can pay on a sliding scale depending on your circumstances.  These are only available on Friday mornings.
  • Juno mums are able to access this for a subsidised fee


Sessions will take place via Zoom.

Booking information….

To book a session, please contact me so we can determine if I’m the right person for you.

How overwhelmed are you?Take this screening tool to get an assessment

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