“After suffering from 6 miscarriages and 1 termination last year I felt I needed some counselling to help me through the severe anxiety I was suffering. I was referred to Tricia through another counsellor, due to her specialism in fertility and birth.

I have to say, I had never heard of EFT technique but was open to trying it. Tricia and I conducted our sessions over Skype, which worked well for me as I felt safe and secure in the comfort of my home. The EFT technique helped me to work through the massive knot in my stomach I had surrounding my miscarriages and fertility. I always came away from the session feeling positive and less anxious.

To help me move forward and let go of some of the hurt surrounding the losses, Tricia used a technique called REWIND, which involved me bringing my anxieties to the surface and then imagining myself in a safe, calming place. This technique helped me to move forward and view being pregnant in a more positive light, removing some of the trauma I associated with it.

Since January this year I worked with Tricia through a successful pregnancy, right up to birth. Helping to keep me in a positive state of mind and also prepare for the birth.

Since having baby Freddie in October, Tricia has provided excellent support and advice on breast feeding.

Both the birth and breastfeeding bundles have been extremely useful.

I would certainly recommend Tricia to anyone who has fertility issues and looking to move forward with a more positive mindset and hopefully success like me with a beautiful baby.”

Sam Leyton


I was recommended Tricia by a good friend of mine, and feel so grateful to have found her when I did. Tricia has been a real support in my fertility journey.  After trying to conceive for 2 years and a diagnosis of male fertility issues our journey had begun to feel quite overwhelming and very emotional. The sessions with Tricia have enabled me to identify blocks, let go of self doubts about conceiving, labour & all things medical, and apprehensions about motherhood and also helped to mentally prepare me for fertility treatment. The sessions have really allowed me to feel empowered and so much more positive and able to cope by having some practical tools at my disposal. I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough. Thank you! (Anon, Edinburgh)


I saw Tricia for some EFT with regards to fertility issues. I had a long and tiring three years trying to conceive my first child and and feel that during this time, in a quest to remain positive and relaxed about conceiving, I had suppressed a lot of emotions and stress. As I am now trying to conceive number two the weight of what happened the first time was upon me and I felt unable to cope with the prospect of going through it all again. My session with Tricia really helped relieve a lot of this pressure and I could not believe how much emotion I released. Tricia is exceptional and was 100% present during our time. I now feel so much more able to cope with ‘trying again.’ I only wish I had know Tricia the first time round and urge anyone going through fertility issues to see Tricia as soon as possible. (Anon, Edinburgh)

If you’re trying to conceive and you’re feeling anxious and stressed that you’re not falling pregnant, I can support you.


EFT Therapy – is ideal for supporting you and your body to release any tension and stress it’s feeling around falling pregnant.  We know that stress, anxiety, nervous and exhaustion don’t help at this time.  EFT can help you to feel much calmer as you go through this experience.  It can also be helpful at helping you come to terms with not falling pregnant.  These are one off sessions working on specific issues around your fertility experience – great for releasing stress or anxiety and working through any blocks or fears you may have or for helping you to prepare for IVF/Treatment where required.

REWIND Therapy – this therapy can be effective for working through the trauma of multiple losses or the trauma from treatment – it’s a non-invasive therapy and can work with you gently in one to two sessions.  It can also work to release any past experiences which may be having an impact.

Both therapies can be used to great effect together.