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Finding Freedom Experience

These are small group programmes focussing on specific areas such as anxiety, maternal rage and trauma.

I don’t advertise new groups here as I’m short on time to keep updating my website. On this page I share feedback so you can be clear of the results that you’ll experience.  Message me for details about the next intake.

Finding Freedom Experience: Anxiety

 For mums who feel so anxious your brains can’t switch off and you constantly feel tense, on edge and panicked.  In 12 weeks, you will go from experiencing anxiety and having no control over it to being able to manage anxious thoughts and feelings quickly and easily meaning you’re able to live your life without the constraints of anxiety. 

This programme is currently open for enrolment.  

Here’s some feedback….

“Your Finding Freedom From Anxiety Coaching was amazing! When I signed up I felt overwhelmed and my brain was foggy, I was anxious a lot, easily irritable and I was not finding joy in life or in mothering. With your support and the groups amazing openness and willingness to share our vulnerabilities, lows as well as highs, I finally felt seen, heard, understood and met where I was and accepted as I am. Slowly I came to a new perspective on anxiety, with a new toolkit of possibilities for when the anxious part of me is triggered. I am aware it will be a lifelong practice to respond rather than react when anxiety hits, but I feel now that I can and will manage better than I ever thought was possible for me.”




“I signed up for the programme as a recommendation from a friend as I was experiencing difficult situations dealing with my child’s behaviour and my response not initially recognising anxiety as an issue.  The programme has been a huge help for recognising that we can all help ourselves to be the best we can be and that we already have it within us.  The most significant change and help has been the realisation that becoming compassionate and curious about my reactions, behaviours, habits and responses and not trying to hide from them along with such a great range of tools to support myself and soothe my mind – (EFT, threat register , rewind, internal family systems).  I’ve felt empowered and capable to become the best person I really am. The impact on my life has rippled through from my responses to my child, breaking old patterns of negative reactions and responses to a more aware and less triggered state.  Others have noticed that my recovery from a setback has been quicker and I’ve been much clearer about my needs, wants and boundaries (respecting myself and others more).  Tricia has been not only a fabulous facilitator / counsellor/ coach for our course but is an absolute knowledge on all things and continues to develop and share her knowledge with us.  She’s personable, friendly and is a great example of someone who has worked with anxiety to get into such a great place.  I would absolutely recommend the course as not only is it supporting me on an individual level. The ripple affect through my whole network of friends , family , work and others is clear”


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“I was experiencing high levels of anxiety last year during the pandemic. I had joined Tricia’s membership and found it so beneficial so I knew that I could relate to her approach to anxiety. The course was amazing, we learned so many wonderful methods to soothe anxiety. I went from expecting to feel anxious every day to hardly experiencing any at all because I can deal with uncomfortable thoughts or feelings before they turn into anxiety. I can be kind and compassionate towards myself in a way I’ve never been able to tap into before which allows me to be a better mum, wife and friend. The duration of the course meant that we had the time to properly implement changes and to build good habits. Tricia is so knowledgeable and intuitive. She created a safe space where we felt able to open up, share and to learn. I would recommend this course to any struggling mums who are ready to learn about themselves and to make some life-changing steps towards feeling better.”




“I signed up because I was feeling really anxious and I didn’t really know why and I really liked the idea of learning to live with it and learning practical things to help. That really appealed to me.  I’ve honestly found it brilliant! I’ve found it really practical, supportive and systematic. It’s logical and it felt like each week built on from the last one. I liked getting the videos to look at and think about and then having the session the next week.  I found ‘the future you’ and pattern matching the best and understanding why anxiety is there. I think on a day to day basis EFT has helped me a huge amount too.  The impact is that I understand myself a lot better and why I am like I am. I’ve still got away to go with that, but I feel like I have really effective tool kit to help me explore that further. I know why anxiety is there and how to use it at times to my advantage. I am more confident – this is huge. The biggest thing I think and I have a new job. I don’t think I would have done that without this programme and your support! I just feel generally more confident and more like I should be. I’m seeing things as opportunities rather than threats.  Others have noticed or they have commented that I look different. I think as well that I am more confident. I think they’d notice that I have been talking about my anxiety a bit and it’s opened up quite a bit of chat about it for me and other people.  Working with you is brilliant!! Thank you. You make me feel relaxed and that it’s OK! It feels safe. The support over telegram has been so good. Honestly thank you so much!  I would recommend the course – 100% In fact I already have on quite a few occasions. It’s helped me be more open about feeling anxious and so I’ve mentioned it quite a lot and folk seem really interested in it!”

Finding Freedom from the Impact of Maternal Rage

Finding freedom from the impact of maternal rage.

This programme is currently closed.

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Finding Freedom from the Impact of Birth and Perinatal Trauma

Finding freedom from the impact of birth and perinatal trauma.

This programme is currently closed.

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“Tricia’s course was actually a bit of an eye opener for me – I knew I was not coping with all of what I thought was expected of me as a Mum, a wife and in my life in general. However, as we delved further into the course, I realised that I needed to make quite a few changes not only for myself but also the expectations and requirements for my whole family. I feel I now have the necessary tools and a really good reference guide for when I do have those moments so that I don’t get back to a state of constant overwhelm. I have been gradually introducing the tools for helping me to manage situations better and it has had a positive impact on me and my family. I have found a couple of these really useful in a few incidents I have experienced already. I highly recommend this course to any Mum who has just been hanging by a thread, trying to do too much and feeling like family life is just taking over everything.”
“I joined the group programme as a mum of 3 children , working full time and trying to start up a small business was taking its toll. I was really struggling to manage me, I didn’t like who I was around my children and knew it wasn’t their fault and I had to look at working on myself. I was full of guilt and trying to juggle pleasing everyone! The programme really helped me to look at my triggers and how to manage them and helped me to understand and ‘feel my feelings ‘ and understand by pushing them away, they will only come back. I particularly found looking at my ‘parts’ interesting as something that I hadn’t looked at before. This helped me to separate my feelings out and look at them in more detail to work through them. This is a great programme to really unpick yourself and look at in depth using Tricia’s professionalism and knowledge. I felt I could really connect with Tricia as a working mum, and felt that she genuinely cared about me and the mums in the group. Thank you so much for having me.”