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I’m Tricia Murray and I support mums and mums to be who are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about becoming pregnant, giving birth, about their birth or postnatal experience or as mums.   


If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fears, phobias, depression, feeling out of control, needing support as a new parent:

  1. Online community and support for overloaded mums – ‘Overcome the Overload’
  2. EFT Therapy
  3. Parenting Coaching


If you are pregnant:

  1. Birth and Baby Academy – online courses and community with access to resources, programmes and classes
  2. Birth Preparation session – especially suitable for those seeking a VBAC/Twins/Homebirth/previous difficult experiences/tokophobia or looking for an alternative approach
  3. Preparing for Parenting session – for those seeking to thrive as new parents


If you’ve had a difficult birth or perinatal experience:

  1. Birth and perinatal trauma support
  2. EFT Therapy


If you are trying to get pregnant and struggling with fertility:

  1. Emotional support around fertility including reducing stress and anxiety and working through grief


If you are a doula, birth worker, midwife or other related birth professional:

  1. Mentoring, debriefing or general support is available
  2. I am a trainer for Traumatic Birth Recovery across Scotland and North East England.

Get in touch for more details.

Here’s how now you can get to know more about me –

  • Contact me by phone or email
  • Follow me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter
  • I also run regular information sessions with my colleagues at Edinburgh Birth and Baby, a local Edinburgh collective that I established – these women rock – they are by far the best providers in Edinburgh and I know that referring you to them, you are in safe hands of professionals that care deeply about the clients they work with.

Much love, Tricia xx

How overwhelmed are you?Take this screening tool to get an assessment

How overwhelmed and burned out are you?  This screening tool will help you to assess exactly what symptoms you are experiencing as a result of overwhelm and help you identify where your life is feeling out of balance.