How NOT to be anxious: Discover How To Free Yourself From Anxiety in 8 Steps

How NOT to be anxious: Discover How To Free Yourself From Anxiety in 8 Steps

Are you struggling with anxiety? If so, join my next (free) masterclass on 13th September where I’ll show you my exact 8 step process to free yourself from anxiety and start to live life exactly as you want it. 


In this 60 minute masterclass, you’ll go from feeling helpless, stuck and exhausted with anxiety to learning an 8 step proven framework that will help you manage anxious thoughts and feelings quickly and easily each and every day.


This is for you if you experience anxiety and….

  • Feel fed up, hopeless and exhausted by the constant whirling thoughts, feelings and emotions 
  • Regularly experience big emotions such as your own tantrums, rage or tears and irrational reactions to every day situations
  • Are ashamed and guilty that you can’t manage like everyone else and the impact it’s having on you and your family 
  • Believe you can’t cope or aren’t good enough or are a failure  
  • Are sick of living in fear and being controlled by your thoughts


And you’d LOVE to feel:

  • You have a solution and a framework that will help you each and every time anxiety hits quickly and easily 
  • Skilled to deal with all the things that happen in life calmly and rationally 
  • Happy meaning that everyone around you feels happier
  • Energised when you wake up in the morning because your sleep has improved and the knot in stomach has gone
  • Confident in making decisions in life  


By joining this masterclass you will:

  • Understand why meditation, mindfulness, breathing and therapy aren’t enough and what you need to do instead
  • Gain insight and understanding about anxiety and why you might be feeling the way you do
  • Learn about a proven 8 step framework that takes you from anxious to calm each and every day
  • Have absolute clarity on what you need to do to be free from everyday anxiety


This masterclass will be recorded and a copy of the replay will be sent out to you afterwards.  There will be a Q&A as part of the live session which will not be recorded.  


Date: 13th September 2021 

Time: 8pm-9pm including Q&A 

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