Last minute doula support Edinburgh

Last Minute Doula Support

Considering a doula but are slightly unsure if you’ll need one?

Or possibly you’re only just realising as your due date approaches that you’d like a doula?

I’m now offering a new service in Edinburgh – Last Minute Doula Support.  This is very different from A TYPICAL doula support package and will never replicate the need for normal doula support.





“I am very pleased that we made the decision to work with Tricia and should we have another baby would hope to work with her again.” Maggie Dempsey

“Overall she is the best investment we made for the safe and empowering arrival of our wee girl. Sienna is such a happy and calm baby and I’m sure she benefited from Tricia’s kind nature as much as I did!” Laeticia Huguet

“She is such a bubbly, kindly, non-judgemental woman, who really makes you and your partner feel at ease and who just wants you to have the best birth for you, whatever that may be. I would not hesitate in recommending her as a doula, or for any of the other services she provides.” Anonymous

“She is a lovely, caring, knowledgeable woman and would recommend her in a heartbeat.” Alison Guzman


This is a vastly reduced service and is particularly helpful where you or your partner are unsure whether a doula is right for you.

With the Last Minute Doula services, there is:

  • VERY limited birth prep/support (1 meeting so we can get to know each other – you can of course have more sessions if that’s important to you)
  • No on-call period –  I won’t go on “official call” or book out my diary but you can phone me if you need me any time of night or day and if I can make it, I’ll attend the birth.  I will do my utmost to be there and support you should you need it
  • No guarantee I’ll be there, and if I have other commitments I will need to leave (I’ll let you know about this as soon as you phone so you can make a decision)
  • No obligation on your part to phone me at all

As such, it is a much lower fee and, with exception of the £95 birth prep session, it is only paid if you need me and I can make it.


The costs are as follows:

  • £95 for a birth preparation session (approx 90 mins)
  • £650 birth call out fee for up to 12 hours birth support.  £35 for each additional hour.  This would only be paid if you need me and I attend the birth.
  • £95 optional postnatal visit if you’d like one (approx 2 hours) to support with breastfeeding and post birth recovery


How different is it?

  • The last minute doula service is much cheaper for you – my normal fee is £1500
  • If you decide that you and your birth partner are coping really well – then I don’t need to be called (I’d love to know how your birth went though so do stay in touch!) – it provides you with huge amounts of flexibility
  • If you decide to change your birth plans then you don’t need to include me in that – ie if you decide to opt for a caesarean at the last minute
  • Birth preparation/relationship building – with a normal doula support service – I will meet with you 3-5 times meaning I’ve really prepped you for your birth AND I also know you super well.  You can of course purchase top up birth preparation sessions but I ask that we have at least one so that I can find out a bit more about you
  • On call – with a normal doula support service – I am on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, generally from 38 weeks until your baby is here – that can be up to 4 or 5 weeks.  I also have childcare in place for each one of those days and I ensure my other clients know that I’m on call in that time.  For last minute doula support, I can’t guarantee where I’ll be and if I’ll be available.  I will however, do my absolute best to be there for you and it’s worth staying in touch and contacting me early to let me know of any changes
  • Backup – I have clear backup arrangements with other doulas for a normal doula service – in this one – either I am available or I amn’t
  • Birth length – with a normal doula package – I am there for the entire length of the birth – that can be anything up to 37 hours (yes!).  My average time at a birth is approximately 12-15 hours so I am basing the fee on this.  Any extra hours will incur a fee of £35
  • Postnatal visit – I normally pop into the see the family 2-3 times post birth to see how they are and support breastfeeding – with last minute doula support – you can opt into this if this is something you’d like and find useful.  Each visit is £95

Payment by PayPal or BACS is compulsory before I leave the house to attend your birth unless you’ve made other arrangements.

If you’d like to know more then do get in touch.

Much love, Tricia xx