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Coping strategies for everyday frustrations

Oh my effing jebbing…… Since school has returned we have literally been plagued by bug after bug. We should have a big red cross was painted on the door with the words ‘Lord Have Mercy Upon Us’ just like they did when there was the bubonic plague.

I literally couldn’t run out quickly enough as I mumbled an excuse

I got off the phone I realised exactly what was going on as I recognised this was an anxious feeling.

I knew what I was doing was AVOIDING the situation.

AVOIDANCE is the number one tactic people who experience anxiety use when there are situations that make them panic.

The issue with avoidance is that there’s only so long you can avoid a situation before you have to face it.

One effective and impactful way to soothe anxiety……

Anxiety can make you believe that if all these terrible things happen, you won’t be able to cope or manage.

One of the approaches we’ve been using in my Finding Freedom programme is an evidence based approach to increase the estimation of your ability to manage (anxiety encourages you to underestimate your ability to cope).

The vet was literally terrified of him

My clients will often talk about this anxiety and rage that overwhelms them.

Almost like a wild animal in them that they have no control over.

It’s not a conscious decision to let this wild animal within them unleash.

It comes from something in their situation feeling threatening.

I miss her

I know my kids want their funny, loving, kind mum back… I want her back too. I miss her. The last few weeks and year has really taken it’s toll on all of us. What’s your plan for your own recovery?