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anxiety, stress and overwhelm support

"After being gifted with being a mum to a beautiful boy I’ve always wanted & an amazing pregnancy, I found myself straight after childbirth in a mental state of dark depression & anxiety & i didn’t know how to fix it, because on paper I had everything I ever wanted so why wasn’t I happy? These are emotions that I have truly never had problems with ever in my life & I knew I needed help. I genuinely didn’t know what was wrong with me as I’m so laidback. I was obsessing over everything, trying to be the perfect mum, not sleeping, feeling completely wired and it got to the stage where I could not enjoy things I usually would and needed a lot of family support. I was recommended to check out Tricia’s services from my health visitor and I was feeling so down, I genuinely would do anything to feel myself again. I am so lucky Tricia has been part of my journey, the work we have done together has truly helped me heal. I know that I need to continue to look after myself, but I’m happy to share that now I genuinely feel really happy, less anxious, more relaxed, more understanding of how to soothe my anxiety and most importantly that I have been given the tools to be able to be the mum I always wanted to be and I have this wonderful bond with my son that I always dreamed of. Tricia made this all possible, she is the least judgemental person I have ever virtually met, she understands, she’s real, she’s a safe space & she helped me cope with this huge transition of motherhood by understanding that I had previous trauma that needed addressed. She taught me that anxiety isn’t bad, it’s here to protect you, but sometimes it goes into overdrive which is so scary, but now I know I have coped before and got through it & I’ll cope again. Thank you for helping me feel like me again. My family and I are so grateful."


This is for you if some of the following resonate with you:

  • You’re living in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety and completely overwhelmed by it all 
  • You go from 0 to 100 in milliseconds and have no control over your reactions 
  • You feel helpless, powerless and stuck and don’t know how to make things better 
  • You’re scared your moods or mental health are impacting your children, your relationship or others around you 
  • You have little to no control of your thoughts and feelings 
  • You’re fed up being emotionally and physically exhausted from everything that’s going on in your head and all the internal dialogue 
" I decided to work with Tricia because I was feeling low in energy, frequently tearful and angry at times having outbursts at my husband and kids. I knew Tricia was the therapist for me. It’s hard to explain. It was a gut instinct. She had been very helpful when I was pregnant with both my children and I found her so warm and relatable. I found the sessions with Tricia a wonderful release. I didn’t realise I was holding in pain and I felt really safe to explore that with Tricia. I really enjoyed the Emotional Freedom Technique combined with looking at parts of me that were holding me back eg: a part that is critical/judging of myself. We went deep at a pace that was good for me and led by me. I was really involved in what aspects of my life I wanted to change. I felt seen and heard in the sessions. I was validated that what I was feeling was real and it was difficult for me. From the sessions I have noticed that I have been more compassionate to myself in terms of how I am as a mum and a wife. I accept I am doing my best. I have clarity - often my needs weren’t being met be it for rest, time away from the children, connection or silence. I am now better at identifying and meeting my needs which has been a game changer. Nobody taught me this before! I now have tools I have used since the sessions including EFT which I’ve used in so many situations since from finding a stage of my child’s development difficult to an argument with my partner. I feel I am better at being able to talk myself through a situation and take a step back looking at the bigger picture rather than spiralling and letting my emotions and my thoughts take over. The effects it has on me in terms of prioritising things that matter to me means I can be a calmer mum and more compassionate to my children. I have been able to use the tools when communicating with others too, including my friends and family which has been really positive and strengthened my relationships with them. It’s the best money I’ve spent on improving myself. Tricia is so skilled at what she does. I’ve tried counselling, mindfulness and coaching before but I haven’t found a therapist like Tricia who really gets me and my situation and has the tools that really work for me. I’d highly recommend Tricia. Be ready for transformation! "

Together we will:

  • Get to the root of why you might be feeling the way that you are and process any important experiences or trauma which may be influencing your behaviour meaning you’re able to respond to situations much more appropriately
  • Incorporate tools and strategies into your life for resilience and resourcefulness meaning you can manage any situation easily
  • Improve your relationships and connection with your children and those around you (partners, family, colleagues where applicable)
  • Integrate insight, understanding and compassion into your world so you can simplify your life and mental load meaning you feel proud and at peace
  • Learn how to get your needs met, ask what you want, say goodbye to guilt and shame and improve your boundaries meaning you’re happier and laughing more, feel fulfilled, are confident and have more energy and motivation

Meaning you’ll:

  • Be able to handle any situation so your confidence and self esteem will be improved 
  • Feel calmer, more patient and able to be fully present for your kids and others who are important to you
  • Improve your energy and know how to meet your needs and implement supportive boundaries for you
  • Increase your fulfilment of life and enjoy the life you have or make changes in such a way so you can enjoy it even more 
  • Learn tools and techniques to support you in every area of your life
  • Feel liberated and free from the constraints and conditioning placed on you 

One to one is for you if:

  • You feel ready and able to do the work required to get you to where you want to get to as well as be challenged at times.
  • You’ve tried other approaches (such as mindfulness, meditation, talking therapy) and you’re still stuck
  • You want to be a better person in this world – possibly a better parent/partner/friend/colleague and improve relationships with everyone around you
  • You believe it’s time to breakdown beliefs, social conditioning and how you’re programmed about how life should be so you’re able to gain confidence to step into yourself 
  • You are tired and fed up of that constant inner chatter that holds you to incredible and ridiculous standards but don’t know how to change 

Hey I’m Tricia

I’m an Anxiety and Trauma Coach, a computing graduate, mum of 4 boys and recovered from my own anxiety and mental health experiences.  I’ve helped literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of women in the last 12 years through one to one, groups and classes.  My superpower is knowing what’s right for you – that means not an off the shelf support system but what you need.

Some of the skills that make me a great coach are my ability to work gently but effectively with parts of you that feel broken and unheard, challenge your thinking about how things SHOULD be and throwing away the rules books, teaching you how to support yourself for life (not just the 90 days we work together), my understanding of just how SH*T life can feel and be but the ability to know of how amazing it can become.

I care deeply about mothers specifically because I know when mums are well supported and resourced, the ripple effect is massive in terms of impact.  I believe that there’s wisdom that comes from pain and that it’s never too late to get the support you need to be the person you want to be.

What's the investment?

There’s three options for you:

Option 1: Thrive Intensive 

2 hour intensive session – this is for you if you’re functioning but you’d like help to cover one specific issue/area in your life. This session is ideal for you if you know that you need a kickstart and you want someone to help you find a clear pathway forward so you can focus easily, but aren’t sure if a long term support package is for you. 

Investment: £250 – book directly here

Option 2: Thrive Sessions

5 x 90 minute sessions – this is for you if you know you need help and there’s a few things you’d like help with but you don’t need intensive support.  

Investment: £750 – book directly here

Option 3: VIP 90 day Thrive Programme 

This is for you if you’re ready for a big transformation and know that intensive support is vital to get you to where you want to be.  It possible you’ve got lots of different issues happening at the same time, face or have faced big life changes or else you feel hopeless, stuck and directionless.  

Working closely together for 90 days and includes:

  • 2 hour intensive session in week 1
  • 8 x 90 minute sessions
  • Regular reading/resources/teaching materials sent through as relevant for you
  • Mentoring and coaching support via text and voicemail Monday-Friday for 90 days
Investment £1500.  These are limited as I work with a small case load at any one time. Please book in for a breakthrough call here to check that this is the right programme for you.  
"I can honestly say that working with you was the first time I started to make some head way in the mess of the last few years. For that I’m very grateful. I’m sure there are many others who feel the same. Thank you!"
"Having had my first baby during lockdown, I struggled with loneliness and how difficult the situation had been and how different things were to how I had expected and planned. I lost a lot of confidence in myself and felt like a burden to my family and friends so I reached out to Tricia as a starting point to clear my head and “vent”, having been recommended her by a friend. I am SO glad that I did - firstly, I felt like we’d known each other for a long time which helped me open up and really try new techniques to overcome my issues. Tricia was open, kind and friendly and I feel completely got what I was trying to achieve instantly. Working together was a breath of fresh air (although I appreciate being pushed out my comfort zone at times) to get the results we had set out to achieve. I feel so much better and more like myself. My head feels clearer and I feel stronger to socialise and enjoy exercise again. Thank you."