Overwhelm Screening Tool -

Overwhelm Screening Tool

Do you feel like any of these words describe you right now - frazzled, overwhelmed, fed up, burned out?


Are you having any of these physical symptoms:


❌ Unable to relax

❌ Not sleeping

❌ Anger that comes out of nowhere

❌ Bursting into tears easily

❌ Knots in your stomach

❌ A constant feeling of being uneasy or on edge


Would you like to identify more clearly where your life is out of balance and start to understand what steps you can take to change it?


If the answer is yes, then please take around 5 minutes to complete this online screening tool and you’ll get your results sent through to your inbox as well as strategies to support yourself and an invitation to my monthly masterclass - Break Out of Overwhelm.

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If you were to guess how overwhelmed you were between 0 and 10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest... how overwhelmed are you on a TYPICAL day in the last few weeks?
Are you experiencing sleep disturbances? Can't wake up? Not sleeping/insomnia?
Do you find it hard to allow your brain to switch off?
Do you feel anxious for no obvious reason?
Do you experience physical symptoms of overwhelm? These might be knots in your stomach? Tightness in your chest? Heart palpitations? Shoulders feel tense? Legs feel like jelly? Nausea? Or something else....
Do you experience migraines or stress headaches?
Do you feel exhausted even though you've had enough sleep? (ie. exhaustion because your baby/child doesn't sleep is normal - we're talking here about deep fatigue that is a result of feeling overwhelmed).
Do you have brain fog? Can't think straight?
Do you feel panicky or 'on edge'?
Do you experience emotional outbursts? Possibly teary or know that emotions are just under the surface ready to rise at any time?
Do you get angry easily? Or anger comes out of nowhere?
Do you know that at times you're being irrational?
Do you have irrational fears or phobias?
Do you avoid certain places, people or talking about things?
Do you find it hard to allow yourself to relax?
Do you often procrastinate? Or struggle to make a decision?
Do you find you lack motivation?
Do you feel like a failure?
Do you feel out of control?
Do you feel like you have no physical or emotional space?
Do you feel addicted to your phone/food or spending money you don't have?
If you were to guess which emotions were showing up too often for you... what would they be?
Family Life Balance
Partner/husband/intimate relationship - Life Balance 
(if you don't have a partner and this is an issue - select the choice that is most pertinent to you or ignore completely)
Work - Life Balance
Social/friendships - Life Balance
Health and Wellbeing - Life Balance
Creativity/hobbies - Life Balance
Money - Life Balance
Is there anything that you would like to share about any of above? Any insights you've had as you're completing this? Note this down here and if you'd like we can talk about it.
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