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Screening tool – thank you

Now you’ve got your results – it’s time to start moving from feeling completely helpless and stuck with your situation to doing something about it.

Here’s two actions.

  1. Join my facebook group – Tapping out of Overwhelm
  2. Join my next Masterclass – Breaking out of Overwhelm

FREE: Breaking Out of Overwhelm Masterclass

This is masterclass is for you if you describe yourself as an overwhelmed mum (and if you’ve got this far it probably means you are one)! 

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • Why is it that you feel the way you feel?
  • What’s at the root of burn out/exhaustion/feeling frazzled?
  • What’s causing your own teenage/toddler tantrums?
  • Why is it your so addicted to your phone/social media/scrolling/amazon prime/chocolate/reliant on wine etc
  • Why might you feel so anxious all the time?
  • How can you overcome overwhelm?
  • What might be stopping you?

By joining this masterclass you will:

  • Say goodbye to your inner critic and feeling like a failure because you will realise how much you actually are doing and be thereby more compassionate to yourself  
  • Welcome boundaries and set realistic expectations of yourself because you will understand the ridiculous pressure you are putting yourself under 
  • Feel much more able to ask for help, not take on so much, take the pressure off because you’ll have a much better understanding of why that’s important 
  • Create more time, focus and drive to make changes (because you are not going to continue this way)
  • Gain knowledge about how to start prioritising yourself and why that matters (yes looking after yourself is the least selfish thing you can do)

It is entirely free.  It runs once a month.  It’s one hour of your time. And I can’t wait to show you there is a different way. Book here.

Much love, Tricia xxx