Support for you in life

Below is an overview of ways I can help you in your life


A 6 month programme that takes you from being stuck in a cycle of chaos to living a life that feels free, bold and brilliant


Belief Coding® is a pioneering modality that accesses and reprograms your subconscious beliefs.

Reset & Redesign

In this 90 minute course, you will go from feeling frazzled, frantic and overwhelmed to having a clear and confident plan of action to take your life forward just as you want it to be.

Calm Foundations

In this course you’ll develop a pathway to create calm foundations in your life taking you from stressed, anxious and  burned out to calm, together and at ease.

Perinatal & Reproductive Trauma Support

Most people find that within 2/3 sessions, you will go from experiencing symptoms of trauma to feeling relief, at peace and able to move on with the rest of your life.

Here’s what people say:

"I thought Tricia was brilliant and exactly what I needed. The right amount of support and challenge and you have such a wealth of knowledge to share. Plus I think you’re just a lovely and genuine person!"

"I loved working with you Tricia!! You are incredible at what you do. You were able to read me so well and your approach with me was just what I needed. I’m going to really miss you."

"I laughed more than I thought I would. I find you insightful, relatable, super understanding, compassionate and nurturing. I really enjoyed our sessions. I will really miss working with you. I would love to work in the future with you as you’re the one person that has really helped me shift things and your approaches make a lot of sense to me."

"Tricia has an incredibly calming accessible straight forward nature, but also deep knowledge."

Tricia Murray Anxiety Coach

Hi, I’m Tricia

I’m an educator, thinker, mother, mentor and coach.

My coaching, teaching and cheerleading help you get from chaos and overwhelm into clarity and confidence.

I want you to emerge from the chaos into a life or business that’s exactly as you want it to be.  Done your way.  Without the conditioning, brainwashing and conformity. 

I help you get clear on what you want and where you want to be and I support you with a clear strategy to get you there.  Whether that’s working on your mind, healing, creating change, inserting a whole load more living or whatever else it is you need.