Support for your business

If you work in mental or emotional wellness and you want more money, financial freedom and time WHILST still providing first class care – then I can help you.

Balance –

Business Mentoring Programme

For practitioners who are doing well in their business (regular clients, amazing feedback and making an income) and want to grow and scale your business to make a significant monthly/yearly income.   

Working closely over a 6 month period, you set the targets, I will help you with strategy, growth, mindset and accountability.

This programme looks specifically at Balancing your needs with the needs of your business and your clients.


Business bootcamp –

Get Clients – Get Paid

For practitioners who are either at the start of their business or still struggling to get the clients or income you want.  

This week long immersion takes you from feast and famine months where you feel overwhelmed and unsure to having a clear strategy and confidence to grow your business to have regular clients and get paid.

This is a group programme working intensley for a week leaving you with the knowledge and skills to take your business forward.

Here’s what people say:

"I’ve loved the programme. I loved the mix of business strategy, mentoring and mindset work. The sessions were frequent and long enough to go deeper into issues. It was amazing to have Telegram support throughout for any questions I had. I loved that it was focused on balance and not £10k months for example. I wanted balance in my life and work and that’s what I got. Tricia is honest and authentic. I fully trust her and she doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach it was very tailored to my business."

"The programme has had a huge impact. I started getting new clients within a few weeks! It was incredible. I have a clear business strategy and an amazing offer that meets my client’s needs. I refined my messaging so ideal clients can relate to my service. I have recurring monthly income which has made me feel safer financially. I feel confident selling - before it felt icky and uncomfortable. I take more time for myself to rest and recharge. I’ve tackled imposter syndrome and an owning my expertise. I have taken serious action and stopped procrastinating which has resulted in an increase in clients and developing a new part of my business. I feel so proud of my achievements. I’ve had Tricia cheering me on and celebrating me the whole time."

"I really enjoyed working with you and Balance. I wanted a realistic programme that helped me get where I wanted to be without stress and overworking. It was the perfect pace for me. I didn’t feel burnt out or overwhelmed. I had that constant support and reassurance. I really enjoyed the Belief Coding work to help with imposter syndrome. I just love the way you integrate all your experience and training to support in a really tailored way. I couldn’t have done the last six months without you. Support is so key in business. You’re fun to work with, so relatable and it’s been a highlight of my fortnight. I’m going to miss our sessions and will be returning for more ongoing support."

“I feel so much calmer about the scary things. I know I can handle them. I feel a lot more accepting of how I feel, it doesn’t mean I should stop doing what I’m doing it is just part of the learning process. Doing new things makes everyone feel like this in some way or another. I feel less worried about me socially too, less critical of myself and what others think of me. Being big, and solutions focused stuff helps me daily and the ifs stuff we did has really had an impact in general. The really big thing is I’m no longer frozen by the fear. I can plan and create content which is massive for me!!”

"I’ve found it very impactful on so many levels. It’s been really positive. I loved the support, it’s been great having someone to run things past. I also loved the tools you’ve given me to deal with the scary things."

"I’ve loved working with you. I feel so much more prepared to deal with my negative thoughts and anxiety around being visible. At times it has been challenging, sometimes you were challenging but in a positive way. I’ve learned lots!! You were calm, insightful and challenged in the right places."

"Tricia is a wonderful source of insight, inspiration and reassurance. I really value her no-nonsense approach - she's given me a firm but gentle kick up the bum to do things for my business that I knew I wanted to do but was putting off and letting fear / imposter syndrome get in the way, and I've made so much progress this year that I wouldn't have done without her. I love that she has insight both from a business perspective and from a mindset/ resilience perspective - her advice and support is invaluable."

"The programme was more useful than I ever thought it would be. I learnt so much about myself that a traditional business coach would not have helped me discover. Tricia, as a multiple business owner and mental health specialist has the perfect mix of business knowledge and mental health training to coach me through and understand my mindset and how to overcome barriers"


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Tricia Murray Anxiety Coach

Hi, I’m Tricia

I’m an educator, thinker, mother, mentor and coach.

My coaching, teaching and cheerleading help you get from chaos and overwhelm into clarity and confidence.

I want you to emerge from the chaos into a life or business that’s exactly as you want it to be.  Done your way.  Without the conditioning, brainwashing and conformity. 

I help you get clear on what you want and where you want to be and I support you with a clear strategy to get you there.  Whether that’s working on your mind, healing, creating change, inserting a whole load more living or whatever else it is you need.