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Doulas are…..

Thoughts on doulas? What immediately springs to mind when someone talks to you about doulas? I did a quick search on google… doulas are…. “stupid”, “annoying”, “useless”, “dangerous”, “unnecessary”, “idiots”, “dumb”…. do it… start typing “doulas are” and see what appears on your suggested list of search terms – there is nothing positive. I know …

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Hope is not a strategy

Well certainly not for birth – planning for birth needs preparation – mental, physical, emotional preparation as well building knowledge about the physical act of birth. Consider a marathon runner – what would she do to prepare for her marathon? Especially if she was keen to do it in a specific time! If you’re a …

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It’s not good enough

In a time where intervention rates are ridiculously high (63% at NHS Lothian – details from an FOI request – what percentage of births are induced/augemented/forceps/ventous/c-section – a rise in 12% in the last 5 years…. )   In a time where adverse events in maternity care are very high   In a time where …

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Women expect too much?

… I cannot believe what I keep hearing – women expect too much from their births!!! Who from senior government advisers and health care professionals both in person and all over social media…   “don’t write a birth plan – it’s not worth the paper it’s written on”   Or   “… birth preferences… not …

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Why should I pay for a doula when a midwife is free?

I love working with midwives – I have so many positive relationships I’ve formed with the local midwifery community and via twitter and other social media platforms.  I love that partnership approach and working side by side. I often feel defensive for some of the midwives I work with too – workloads, challenging case-loads and being able …

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