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Dr Google’s baby manual – parental information overload

In the 6 years since becoming pregnant and a parent, access to information has never been so readily available.  Social media has escalated beyond belief – we are all becoming phone addicts and spend all our waking time googling or reading on facebook every single issue with regards to pregnancy, birth, feeding, sleeping, baby behaviour …

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Pregnancy, Birth and New Baby Support

Planning Postnatal Care

There’s been numerous articles in the press about lack of postnatal care including support for breastfeeding. I’ve witnessed this first hand a number of times, mums feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and believing that they aren’t meeting the needs of their babies. Given how stretched our current midwifery and health visiting teams are and the situation with …

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Tricia’s top ten tips – Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding twins is such a positive achievement for many families.  For some, it means overcoming a number of challenges, relevant to many singletons too, yet widely prevalent in this community.  There are a number of common contributing factors to breastfeeding twins as follows: prematurity (50% born before 36 weeks) 70-80% born by c-section learning to breastfeed, …

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