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The Overload.

I’ve been supporting parents for almost the last 10 years both in a voluntary and private capacity.  What I witness so often with my clients, my peers and am aware of my own issues is the overload.   Here’s what I believe the overload to be… Plate spinning Balancing act  Juggling priorities  Keeping ‘on top’ of everything …

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Are you feeling like this?

I’ve been working with an increasing number of women feeling really overwhelmed, frazzled and like they’re just not coping. They feel anxious, guilty, fed up, resentful, tired and just generally overloaded. In 2015 I discovered a quick (if not weird looking) tool to help me called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – also known as tapping). …

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It’s mine…..

We’re coming to the end of a massive building project in our home.  I can’t say it’s been the most stress-free period of my life with the door being a turnstile to tradesmen, never knowing how will be here day to day or when they’re going to be here.  And I’m missing the quiet of …

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