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How would it feel if you didn’t feel …… anymore?

When I ask women… how would life be if you didn’t feel anxious/stressed/fearful/fed up….. Many of them reply with… “I don’t know”….. It’s hard to imagine how life would be if they didn’t feel anxious, stressed, busy, worried or something else all the time.  They don’t know how a day would look like if they …

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Who’s supporting Dad?

I’ve been talking a lot recently about who is supporting mum.  I wanted to focus on dads and partners and the importance of dads/partners considering who is supporting them? Last week we had a group EFT session in Overcome the Overload on partners and relationships and how you feel in those relationships? One of the …

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Why Mums Matter

Mums matter was the theme of maternal mental health awareness week last week. This is an important topic, we don’t talk about it enough. When I was first a mum I would have absolutely never, ever, ever considered that I mattered. I didn’t consider how I felt in my pregnancy mattered, all I cared about …

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The Overload.

I’ve been supporting parents for almost the last 10 years both in a voluntary and private capacity.  What I witness so often with my clients, my peers and am aware of my own issues is the overload.   Here’s what I believe the overload to be… Plate spinning Balancing act  Juggling priorities  Keeping ‘on top’ of everything …

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Time to start listening

I posted an article yesterday on Facebook about postpartum rage.  Something I’m sure the VAST majority of mothers (and fathers) have felt – even if you won’t admit openly about it.  I don’t think it’s a positive emotion to feel nor something that’s ‘OK’ but it’s probably fairly ‘normal’ and I feel it’s a warning sign …

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