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What causes nervous system dis-regulation?

Our bodies exist in three nervous states.   The parasympathetic, sympathetic and parasympathetic withdrawal (rarely discussed).     Parasympathetic   (Zone of tolerance) Sympathetic   (Hyper-arousal/high alert) Parasympathetic Withdrawal   (Hypo-arousal/flop) Known as the ‘rest and digest’   Calm and relaxed Breathing easily Body feels relaxed Able to communicate Process information easily Able to tune …

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Life is your creation

I recently wrote a post about working with your future self.  The task was to help you think about life without any of the day to day symptoms that you might feel (anxiety, bored, overwhelmed, stressed out, procrastinating).  Part of the exercise was to start identifying how that future you was different to you today. …

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Power up with power naps

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love to nap and how essential I feel naps (and sleep) are.  I am so passionate about sleep and encouraging everyone to nap and rest, especially mums. I’m currently running a community group for mums who are feeling overwhelmed, Overcome the Overload. The purpose of that group …

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