| Tricia Murray

I signed up for the programme as a recommendation from a friend as I was experiencing difficult situations dealing with my child’s behaviour and my response not initially recognising anxiety as an issue. The programme has been a huge help for recognising that we can all help ourselves to be the best we can be and that we already have it within us. The most significant change and help has been the realisation that becoming compassionate and curious about my reactions, behaviours, habits and responses and not trying to hide from them along with such a great range of tools to support myself and soothe my mind – (EFT, threat register , rewind, internal family systems). I’ve felt empowered and capable to become the best person I really am. The impact on my life has rippled through from my responses to my child, breaking old patterns of negative reactions and responses to a more aware and less triggered state. Others have noticed that my recovery from a setback has been quicker and I’ve been much clearer about my needs, wants and boundaries (respecting myself and others more). Tricia has been not only a fabulous facilitator / counsellor/ coach for our course but is an absolute knowledge on all things and continues to develop and share her knowledge with us. She’s personable, friendly and is a great example of someone who has worked with anxiety to get into such a great place. I would absolutely recommend the course as not only is it supporting me on an individual level. The ripple affect through my whole network of friends, family, work and others is clear.