| Tricia Murray

I decided to work with Tricia because I was feeling low in energy, frequently tearful and angry at times having outbursts at my husband and kids. I knew Tricia was the therapist for me. It’s hard to explain. It was a gut instinct. She had been very helpful when I was pregnant with both my children and I found her so warm and relatable. I found the sessions with Tricia a wonderful release. I didn’t realise I was holding in pain and I felt really safe to explore that with Tricia. I really enjoyed the Emotional Freedom Technique combined with looking at parts of me that were holding me back eg: a part that is critical/judging of myself. We went deep at a pace that was good for me and led by me. I was really involved in what aspects of my life I wanted to change. I felt seen and heard in the sessions. I was validated that what I was feeling was real and it was difficult for me. From the sessions I have noticed that I have been more compassionate to myself in terms of how I am as a mum and a wife. I accept I am doing my best. I have clarity – often my needs weren’t being met be it for rest, time away from the children, connection or silence. I am now better at identifying and meeting my needs, which has been a game changer. Nobody taught me this before! I now have tools I have used since the sessions including EFT, which I’ve used in so many situations since from finding a stage of my child’s development difficult to an argument with my partner. I feel I am better at being able to talk myself through a situation and take a step back looking at the bigger picture rather than spiralling and letting my emotions and my thoughts take over. The effects it has on me in terms of prioritising things that matter to me means I can be a calmer mum and more compassionate to my children. I have been able to use the tools when communicating with others too, including my friends and family, which has been really positive and strengthened my relationships with them. It’s the best money I’ve spent on improving myself. Tricia is so skilled at what she does. I’ve tried counselling, mindfulness and coaching before but I haven’t found a therapist like Tricia who really gets me and my situation and has the tools that really work for me. I’d highly recommend Tricia. Be ready for transformation