| Tricia Murray

After being gifted with being a mum to a beautiful boy I’ve always wanted & an amazing pregnancy, I found myself straight after childbirth in a mental state of dark depression & anxiety & i didn’t know how to fix it, because on paper I had everything I ever wanted so why wasn’t I happy? These are emotions that I have truly never had problems with ever in my life & I knew I needed help. I genuinely didn’t know what was wrong with me as I’m so laidback. I was obsessing over everything, trying to be the perfect mum, not sleeping, feeling completely wired and it got to the stage where I could not enjoy things I usually would and needed a lot of family support. I was recommended to check out Tricia’s services from my health visitor and I was feeling so down, I genuinely would do anything to feel myself again. I am so lucky Tricia has been part of my journey, the work we have done together has truly helped me heal. I know that I need to continue to look after myself, but I’m happy to share that now I genuinely feel really happy, less anxious, more relaxed, more understanding of how to soothe my anxiety and most importantly that I have been given the tools to be able to be the mum I always wanted to be and I have this wonderful bond with my son that I always dreamed of. Tricia made this all possible, she is the least judgemental person I have ever virtually met, she understands, she’s real, she’s a safe space & she helped me cope with this huge transition of motherhood by understanding that I had previous trauma that needed addressed.


She taught me that anxiety isn’t bad, it’s here to protect you, but sometimes it goes into overdrive which is so scary, but now I know I have coped before and got through it & I’ll cope again. Thank you for helping me feel like me again. My family and I are so grateful.