| Tricia Murray

I followed Tricia for some time on social media after a friend had recommended her to me.  I listened to what she had to say and a lot resonated with me. I really struggled during the pandemic with all the pressures on me all of a sudden, husband trying to work from home, 2 children at home and having to homeschool one of my sons whilst trying to run my own business from home. I had suffered 2 really quite traumatic births with both my children but brushed it all under the carpet because I had no time to deal with my issues because my family needed me and I didnt have time to dwell on what happened then we were all of a sudden plunged into all living together 24/7 and I just was not coping to the point I felt I was going crazy so I reached out to Tricia. I have not looked back since that day I first spoke to Tricia. She has helped me unload the trauma from my births. She has given me coping strategies and helped me imagine a better, happier life with my family and it is working. I have to work at it but I am willing to make the change for me and my family because they are worth it.