| Tricia Murray

Following the birth of my second baby I was struck with quite sudden and crippling health anxiety. It was affecting me physically and mentally and impacting on the job I was doing as a Mum and partner. Tricia was recommended to me so after following her Instagram for a while and exchanging a few messages I thought we’d be a good fit. I was a bit apprehensive about the sessions but Tricia really put me at ease. Since my sessions with Tricia I have noticed a huge difference in my mind set I used to be constantly checking myself, googling things, obsessing and phoning my GP regularly but this has almost completely stopped. I still have wobbles but before I felt like I’d lose days like this and wasn’t totally present for my family but since my first couple of sessions with Tricia I have noticed significant improvements and my partner and children are definitely benefiting from a much happier and more present me. I can’t recommend Tricia enough.