| Tricia Murray

My baby massage teacher recommended rewind therapy to a few of us in the class who had traumatic births. Unfortunately, I went on to develop postpartum psychosis when my baby was a few weeks old, before I’d had a chance to address the birth trauma. I was separated from my baby for a week while I was in hospital being treated, and the whole experience was really traumatic. A year after it happened, I’d returned to work in a hospital environment and was finding that I was quite anxious and triggered by all the masks and reminders of my time as a patient, both from the birth and the psychiatric ward. Through the rewind therapy with Tricia, I managed to overcome this and found I was much more present and able to live in the moment. My brain finally reset and realised that the awful illness I’d had was over and in the past. It helped me realise that despite the difficulties we had gone through, I still have a great bond with my son. I’ve found it easier to talk about my experiences, rather than bury them away, which feels much healthier for long term recovery. I would really recommend this to anyone who has been through PP as it has helped me so much.