| Tricia Murray

I had heard about Tricia through EGG and joined her mailing list, I danced around on the periphery for ages (in denial about how bad I was really feeling) but when I decided I was ready for talking therapy I absolutely knew that I wanted to go to Tricia for help – so much of what she wrote and I saw on her webinar struck a chord with me as well as how warm, funny and approachable she seemed. I was worried that I would work with a brilliant person who helped change things round for everyone else but that I was somehow going to be the exception because I would do something wrong/wasn’t ‘fixable’, but the programme was without exaggeration, life changing. It has completely changed things around for me. There are countless things that are SO MUCH BETTER now – huge things like have more fun with my children and smaller things like not feeling overwhelmed by clothes and toys lying around! The thing that was most helpful was regular contact over a good length of time so things started to become habit and that I had this huge safety net and reassurance and that there was no pressure (to put on myself). Also having Tricia there through Telegram – she was always quick to respond and always showed me there was a way to regulate myself and feel better. Plus all the voice notes, resources, messages that I can go back to when I need them. I loved working with you Tricia!! You are incredible at what you do. You were able to read me so well and your approach with me was just what I needed. I’m going to really miss you.