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free stuff

This page contains a list of absolutely every freebie that I currently offer. I hope you will find them useful. Feel free to Download as many as you like!

Birth and Perinatal Trauma Recovery - 7 Easy Ways to Support Your Recovery

FREE Guide: This guide is here to support your emotional and mental recovery where you’ve had a difficult birth or perinatal experience.

Break out of Burnout

FREE WORKBOOK: Break out of burnout - a 6 step strategy to support you to feel calmer and regain your energy and motivation​

10 Easy Ways to Ease Anxiety Fast

FREE Guide: Download this guide which will give you 10 Easy Ways to Ease Anxiety Fast meaning that you can quickly get on with your day to day life.

Tapping Into Calm

FREE E-Course: Introduction to using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) to self manage everyday overwhelm for busy mums

Breaking out of Overwhelm with EFT

FREE MASTERCLASS: This Masterclass will help you feel calmer, regain your headspace and increase your energy and motivation and teach you EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).