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Thrive Mum method

Group Coaching Programme for burned out and anxious mums who want to increase their capacity to manage life so they can feel calmer, behave rationally, think clearly and enjoy motherhood

THRIVE MUM METHOD is an 8 week intensive coaching programme for mums who describe themselves as burned out and anxious.  

This is for you if you:

  • Feel exhausted/burned out/frazzled and you’re struggling to gain enough energy to get you through to 5pm without caffeine, chocolate and lots of shouting
  • Constantly have things to do but never seem to get everything (or anything) done and beat yourself up for being unproductive 
  • The littlest thing irritates you and before you know you, you have exploded yet again
  • Regularly get anxious, worried and panicky and thoughts railroad into catastrophe quickly – always with the worst case scenarios
  • Ruled by the never ending to do list
  • Are addicted to your phone, social media and constantly craving those sugar hits 
  • Lie awake at night feeling guilty and worrying over everything you’ve done or not done

imagine how it would feel if you...

  • Could manage day to day life calmly
  • Were able to react logically and rationally to  stressful and intense situations
  • Had improved communication with your partner and family
  • Relaxed and enjoyed the kids and being a mum
  • Had time and energy to do more of what you wanted to do

How does you capacity impact you?

The biggest reason that you are feeling the way that you do is because your capacity has reached it’s limit.

It’s not the stress or the situation that you’re in, but the reaction to everything that’s going on around you. It’s the thoughts, feelings, emotions, worries, concerns, judgements, fears, beliefs and values about the situation.

This is the deep work that we will do together over the 8 weeks together.

If you are ‘over capacity’ you could be experiencing some of these symptoms:

•Burned out/exhausted
•Struggling with your sleep
•Active inner critic
•Unable to think straight
•Anxious/overthinking/catastrophic thoughts
•Self soothing activities
•Don’t have time

If you have ‘capacity’, you’re much more likely to:

•Feel calm and connected
•Experience life in the moment
•React rationally – can think clearly
•Have energy and motivation to work, exercise, do stuff with the kids
•Sleep well
•Communicate better in your relationships
•Manage difficult situations/curveballs
•Make time to do what you want to do

THrive mum method

Over the 8 week together, we work on:

  • Understanding your own personal situation and what’s creating your own overwhelm
  • How much you are carrying and thinking about and how you can reduce this
  • Increasing your self compassion
  • Improving your boundaries and letting go of people pleasing
  • Re-alignment of beliefs and values to update these to be aligned with what’s truly important to you  
  • Meeting your needs and why this  is important
  • Improving your self worth to help you feel more confident at supporting yourself 
  • Big emotions – why do you have them and how can you reduce them
  • Inner critic and other parts of you – what are their roles and how can you create better internal harmony
  • Understanding how to regulate yourself after intense situations and events so they don’t take your headspace
  • Supporting yourself with the bigger issues in life

Hi, I'm tricia

Being a mum to 4 boys, I know how much pressure there is for mums to juggle and do it all.  I know first hand how anxiety can manifest itself into all parts of our life and in lots of different ways.  I know it can come out in anger, rage, resentment and then eventual burn out.  

I started supporting mums after recovering from my own breakdown.  I’ve been supporting mums since 2014 and specialise in working with mums who experience anxiety, trauma, stress and burnout.  

I get so many comments from people saying… ‘how do you do it all’ and this is what I’ll be sharing with you over our weeks together.

“Tricia’s course was actually a bit of an eye opener for me – I knew I was not coping with all of what I thought was expected of me as a Mum, a wife and in my life in general. However, as we delved further into the course, I realised that I needed to make quite a few changes not only for myself but also the expectations and requirements for my whole family. I feel I now have the necessary tools and a really good reference guide for when I do have those moments so that I don’t get back to a state of constant overwhelm. I have been gradually introducing the tools for helping me to manage situations better and it has had a positive impact on me and my family. I have found a couple of these really useful in a few incidents I have experienced already. I highly recommend this course to any Mum who has just been hanging by a thread, trying to do too much and feeling like family life is just taking over everything.”


  • Starts 3rd January 2021 and runs each Sunday night, 7.30-9pm until 28th February (no group on the 14th February)
  • 8 week course 
  • Sessions are held on Zoom
  • Small numbers – max of 8 people
  • Pre-recorded videos sent each week
  • Full 90 minutes of group coaching each week
  • Community group with peer support 
  • 3 months free access to my membership (includes two group EFT sessions a week, live masterclasses, library of resources, guest interviews and monthly group coaching) 
  • Learning a number of tools and practises to integrate into your life
  • Investment £397
“I joined the thrive mum method as a mum of 3 children , working full time and trying to start up a small business was taking its toll. I was really struggling to manage me, I didn’t like who I was around my children and knew it wasn’t their fault and I had to look at working on myself. I was full of guilt and trying to juggle pleasing everyone! The course really helped me to look at my triggers and how to manage them. The course helped me to understand and ‘feel my feelings ‘ and understand by pushing them away, they will only come back. I particularly found looking at my ‘parts’ interesting as something that I hadn’t looked at before. This helped me to separate my feelings out and look at them in more detail to work through them. I did identify a big trigger and I worked through this with Tricia in the follow up 1 to 1 offer, helping me to manage this better, looking at my personal boundaries and prioritising myself. Tricia shared lots of tools to manage emotions and I am keen to try out EFT with her. This is a great course to really unpick yourself and look at in depth using Tricia’s professionalism and knowledge. I felt I could really connect with Tricia as a working mum, and felt that she genuinely cared about me and the mums in the group, she took time to listen and share lots of good ideas and tips. Thank you so much for having me.”


Q: How much time will it take?
A: It will take about 1 hour a week to watch the videos and then the 90 minute session
Q: Can you combine this with counselling/other therapy?
A: I have a baby – can I bring them?
Yes – absolutely – this will only have a positive impact. 
Q: Can I justify spending money on myself?
A: I can completely understand how uncomfortable it can be to spend money on yourself.   There’s three things to consider:
1. How important is it to you to feel better?
2. How quickly to you want to feel better?
3. What’s the impact to you and your kids/family and relationships staying where you are right now
Q: Isn’t it normal to feel like this?
A: Yes many mums right now feel overwhelmed but does that mean it’s ok? It depends how much of this page resonated with you.
Q: I have another question…
A: Great – email me