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Thrive Mum method

Group coaching PROGRAMME for mums To thrive

THRIVE MUM METHOD is an innovative coaching programme for mums who describe themselves as burned out and anxious.  

This is for you if you:

  • Feel exhausted/burned out/frazzled and you’re struggling to gain enough energy to get you through to 5pm without caffeine, chocolate and lots of shouting
  • Notice by lunchtime you’re literally counting the hours until the kids go to bed
  • Constantly have things to do but never seem to get everything done and beat yourself up for being unproductive 
  • The littlest thing irritates you and before you know you, you have lost your temper yet again
  • Regularly get anxious, worried and panicky and thoughts railroad into catastrophe quickly – always with the worst case scenarios
  • Have cycles of negativity that you cannot get out of no matter how much you try
  • Are addicted to your phone, social media, online shopping and are quick to open the wine bottle as a way to cope


Motherhood is overwhelming

Did you know that the average mum works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week?  The equivalent of 2.5 full time jobs? Did you know that we spend twice as much time now with our children, EACH DAY, than a stay-at-home housewife did in the 1960s? Our role as a mother has evolved and grown, in addition to the busyness of life. The impact of this on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is immense. We feel frazzled, exhausted, unable to switch off, always have something to do and completely fed up.


Most people think that there’s no way to overcome overwhelm and end up feeling stuck, frazzled, fed up, burned out and on an emotional rollercoaster day to day.

I’d like you to know that overcoming mum overwhelm is possible.  

It is not busyness that creates stress – it’s staying stuck in the stress cycle and working beyond what we are physically capable of doing.

You are in the stress cycle if you’re on autopilot.  This could look like:

  • Not understanding what’s happening
  • Caught up in a whirlwind of chaos
  • Experiencing anger, rage, resentment and disappointment
  • Feeling completely lost and helpless
  • Never having enough time
  • Having no headspace and time to think 
  • Setting ridiculous expectations of yourself
  • Wondering why everyone is nailing motherhood and you’re failing
  • Taking on too much without even questioning it and then wondering why you’re so exhausted 
Thrive Mum Method is for you if you’re ready for change and committed to being part of a group of mums who want to feel better now.  
I will show you how to:
  • Step out of the stress cycle 
  • Regulate yourself quickly
  • Stop being hijacked by your emotions
  • Develop compassion and tolerance of yourself and others healing past wounds
  • Become unstuck in your thoughts, beliefs and patterns
  • Regain motivation, energy and focus
  • Start living life through different lenses
  • Increase how much time you have  

By doing this work you will feel happier, calmer and more connected to your family.  

You will benefit but so will your kids, partner, family, colleagues and community.  

Completing this group coaching, you will increase your knowledge of yourself, change your thinking, develop compassion for yourself and others, be able to remain calm in the most extreme of situations, achieve more focus and most importantly, feel fulfilled and sane.


Being a mum to 4 boys, I know how much pressure there is for mums to juggle and do it all. I experienced my own mental health illness at the start of my journey.  I know first-hand how easy it is to get overloaded and feel out of control. I know how anxiety can manifest itself into all parts of our life and in lots of different ways.  I know it can come out in anger, rage, resentment and then eventual collapse.  

I started supporting mums after recovering from a nervous breakdown in 2011 when my third son was around 11 months. Since that time, I’ve trained in various therapies and approaches, done a huge amount of self-development and continue to keep reading, learning, practising and integrating everything into my life. 

In 2018, I had my 4th son and it was such a different experience. All my knowledge, insight and understanding of birth, women, motherhood, and mental health made it a completely different experience.  I still had hard days/weeks where life was hard, balancing 4 boys, life, a house, work and everything else, but I accepted they were hard times.  I’ve enjoyed so much of it.  I continue to practise what I preach and look after myself, show myself and others compassion, get support when I need it, keep learning and developing new skills and utilising the tools I have access to.   

I get so many comments from people saying… ‘how do you do it all’ and this is what I’ll be sharing with you over our weeks together.

“Tricia’s course was actually a bit of an eye opener for me – I knew I was not coping with all of what I thought was expected of me as a Mum, a wife and in my life in general. However, as we delved further into the course, I realised that I needed to make quite a few changes not only for myself but also the expectations and requirements for my whole family. I feel I now have the necessary tools and a really good reference guide for when I do have those moments so that I don’t get back to a state of constant overwhelm. I have been gradually introducing the tools for helping me to manage situations better and it has had a positive impact on me and my family. I have found a couple of these really useful in a few incidents I have experienced already. I highly recommend this course to any Mum who has just been hanging by a thread, trying to do too much and feeling like family life is just taking over everything.”
“I joined the thrive mum method as a mum of 3 children , working full time and trying to start up a small business was taking its toll. I was really struggling to manage me, I didn’t like who I was around my children and knew it wasn’t their fault and I had to look at working on myself. I was full of guilt and trying to juggle pleasing everyone! The 3 week course really helped me to look at my triggers and how to manage them. The course helped me to understand and ‘feel my feelings ‘ and understand by pushing them away, they will only come back. I particularly found looking at my ‘parts’ interesting as something that I hadn’t looked at before. This helped me to separate my feelings out and look at them in more detail to work through them. I did identify a big trigger and I worked through this with Tricia in the follow up 1 to 1 offer, helping me to manage this better, looking at my personal boundaries and prioritising myself. Tricia shared lots of tools to manage emotions and I am keen to try out EFT with her. This is a great course to really unpick yourself and look at in depth using Tricia’s professionalism and knowledge. I felt I could really connect with Tricia as a working mum, and felt that she genuinely cared about me and the mums in the group, she took time to listen and share lots of good ideas and tips. Thank you so much for having me.”

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