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Trauma Support

Birth, Perinatal and Reproductive Trauma Support

Around one in three mums/parents describe their birth as traumatic with around 4% of parents developing PTSD in the perinatal period.

Are you experiencing:

  • Heightened level of anxiety
  • Hypervigilance
  • Not bonding with your baby
  • Relationship problems with your partner/family
  • Inability to cope day-to-day
  • Postnatal depression/anxiety/PTSD
  • Flashbacks
  • Numbness
  • Disassociation
  • Inability to sleep
  • Restlessness
  • Not want to have another baby
  • Don’t want to have any sexual relationship

If you’re experiencing any of these feelings, it could be that you have experienced birth or perinatal trauma.

You’ve possibly had a great birth, but could have experienced trauma around miscarriage/baby loss, IVF/Fertility journey, breastfeeding/feeding, hyperemisis (pregnancy sickness), postnatal experience, neonatal unit, colic/reflux baby and more.

I can help you with a 3 Step Traumatic Birth Recovery REWIND technique

Most people find that within 2/3 sessions, you will go from experiencing symptoms of trauma to feeling relief, at peace and able to move on with the rest of your life.

Tricia Murray Anxiety & Trauma Coach

This programme will help you feel:

  • Able to talk about your experience without big emotions
  • Calmer, relaxed and able to think more clearly and get on with everyday life much more easily 
  • Lighter and freer as all the emotions associated with the memory have been lifted
  • Able to move on and plan the rest of your life from a place of rational thinking
  • At peace and accepting of what’s happened is in the past 

What's the investment?

There is a set fee for this support which is £395.
VERY occasionally, additional help is required but this is rare.

All sessions are currently on zoom. 

Whilst I use this support generally for perinatal and reproductive trauma, this can also be expanded into other areas. Do get in touch for more support if you’d like a gentle and effective way to move on from trauma and get your life back.

Tricia Murray Anxiety & Trauma Coach

Client Testimonials

My baby massage teacher recommended rewind therapy to a few of us in the class who had traumatic births. Unfortunately, I went on to develop postpartum psychosis when my baby was a few weeks old, before I’d had a chance to address the birth trauma. I was separated from my baby for a week while I was in hospital being treated, and the whole experience was really traumatic. A year after it happened, I’d returned to work in a hospital environment and was finding that I was quite anxious and triggered by all the masks and reminders of my time as a patient, both from the birth and the psychiatric ward. Through the rewind therapy with Tricia, I managed to overcome this and found I was much more present and able to live in the moment. My brain finally reset and realised that the awful illness I’d had was over and in the past. It helped me realise that despite the difficulties we had gone through, I still have a great bond with my son. I’ve found it easier to talk about my experiences, rather than bury them away, which feels much healthier for long term recovery. I would really recommend this to anyone who has been through PP as it has helped me so much.

I followed Tricia for some time on social media after a friend had recommended her to me.  I listened to what she had to say and a lot resonated with me. I really struggled during the pandemic with all the pressures on me all of a sudden, husband trying to work from home, 2 children at home and having to homeschool one of my sons whilst trying to run my own business from home. I had suffered 2 really quite traumatic births with both my children but brushed it all under the carpet because I had no time to deal with my issues because my family needed me and I didnt have time to dwell on what happened then we were all of a sudden plunged into all living together 24/7 and I just was not coping to the point I felt I was going crazy so I reached out to Tricia. I have not looked back since that day I first spoke to Tricia. She has helped me unload the trauma from my births. She has given me coping strategies and helped me imagine a better, happier life with my family and it is working. I have to work at it but I am willing to make the change for me and my family because they are worth it.

Tricia was recommended to me by somebody who had used her services previously and I'm so grateful that I reached out and spoke to her about my birth experience. Tricia was extremely easy to speak to and to explain everything in great detail without any judgement. Having had a pretty traumatic birth and breastfeeding journey, Tricia allowed me to understand my experience further and to learn ways on how to cope with the trauma and how to move on to possibly thinking about having another baby when I was terrified to even consider this before speaking to her. The sessions were easy to organise and Tricia was flexible with my diary. I believe reaching out to Tricia was the best thing I could have done for myself and I'm more content and accepting of my experience now.

Tricia is one of those truly genuine people who is open about the struggles she has faced and understands the difficulties around raising a young family in the 21st Century. Working with Tricia I experienced the physical shift of the emotions I'd been bottling up. The concept of overwhelm was so familiar to me and I was intrigued by Tricia's passion for EFT and the difference that just 5 minutes a day could make to your life. I would not hesitate in recommending Tricia for anyone looking for non-judgemental support and encouragement around birth and parenthood.

I was in a position that nothing was feeling "right", but I couldn't pin down what was "wrong" - I'd felt really strong and positive after my daughter's birth, the feeding issues we'd had in the early days had all been overcome, and she was absolutely thriving. But I was getting anxiety and panic attacks, triggered by conversations with nursery, news articles involving babies I came across through work, even a Disney film on one occasion!   I'd never considered what I went through to be traumatic - I thought 'trauma' was reserved for huge, one-off, negative experiences. I'd definitely fallen into the trap of comparison, and thought that because my experience wasn't as bad as someone else's, asking for help was taking that help away from someone else. Tricia helped me understand that any emotion felt so intensely over a long period of time is also a form of trauma, and that what I was feeling was valid, and deserving of help.   Working on healing my breastfeeding trauma has had an enormous impact. My husband noticed a difference almost instantly. I could talk about the mechanics of feeding, newborn babies, my tiny Hannah, without my heart rate shooting up and tears filling my eyes. I interact differently with her, I stay calmer when I'm with her when she's upset, and I don't obsess over every bite of food she takes and every minute of sleep she gets. I'm so much more trusting of her independence, which has allowed her to settle in at nursery and me to feel confident coming back to work and actually feeling capable in my career.   The most amazing outcome, which was completely unexpected, was the wave of memories that were unlocked in the weeks after we'd finished our work. Moments from the first four months of my daughter's life reappeared in my memory that I never knew I'd shut out. It was wonderful!

Tricia came through general recommendation from my midwife. I’d been struggling with PTSD symptoms from my daughter’s birth which were coming to the fore during my second pregnancy. I felt really unsure what was going to work as I’d already tried a few weeks of an NHS course which I felt was too general for my specific birth trauma. Tricia clearly explained the process of REWIND therapy to me on our initial call and I felt at ease with her from the get-go. Being a mum and all the birth experience she has as a doula allowed me to feel listened too and it was easy for me to open up to her. REWIND is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever gone through. I found the release hugely cathartic as it allowed me to remember the strength I had and the positives I had experienced within a really hard time. Tricia was so careful with me and her guidance was amazing. After two sessions, I was feeling so much better and we had another call after two weeks to see how I was doing. I’m so pleased to say it’s completely worked for me. I still recognise what I went through but it’s without the fear and upset I was experiencing. That wouldn’t have happened without Tricia.

FREE GUIDE: Birth & Perinatal Trauma - 7 Ways to Support your Recovery

This guide is here to support your emotional and mental recovery where you’ve had a difficult birth or perinatal experience. You’ll learn about perinatal trauma and why it might be impacting you and seven easy ways to support your recovery.

Using this guide, you will go from feeling helpless, stuck and distressed to clearly understanding why you feel the way that you do, have seven easy ways to support your recovery and have a clear strategy to know how to support yourself going forward.