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Why use NurtureMe?

The reason I set up NurtureMe was a realisation that many parents need support to aid them to enjoy their babies. I set up the type of company I would have wanted to use – specifically, help to let me birth and parent the way I wanted without judgement but also provided me with solid information for when I did have questions.

Reasons you need to use NurtureMe:

  • You are fearful and anxious about birth or being a parentOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • You’ve had a difficult birth and you need support with your next birth
  • You are finding being a parent challenging
  • You put value into this change in your life and realise that investing in support will lead to an immensely better start with your new baby or babies
  • You have no local physical or emotional support (on your own, in a new city, family living away, grandparents having pre-existing responsibilities)
  • Expectation of parenthood and the reality – don’t always match up.  If you’ve lived a fast-paced life with a great career, active social life, enjoy fitness, cooking and other leisure activities, it can be quite challenging to adapt to include a new baby (or two or more) into this already jammed packed life
  • You might have added complexities such as more than one baby (twins/triplets), older children or a baby born with special needs
  • You might have had previous experience of mental health issues (including PND with a previous baby) or physical health issues
  • You might be worried about facing difficulties with feeding, understanding newborn behaviour or struggling to wean your baby

What are the benefits:

  • You are MUCH more likely to have a better birth
  • Having one to one birth doula support has showed decreased time in labour, increased number of vaginal births and increased satisfaction with their birth overall
  • You are MUCH more likely to feel confident about being a parent
  • Long-term benefits on the health and wellbeing of the baby by helping mums to understand how to connect with their babies, listen to their babies and respond. I will help you to tune into your instincts about how to look after your baby the way you want to making you a more confident parent
  • You can get hands on regular support to help mums to breastfeed their babies meaning mum is more likely to breastfeed until a time that she feels is the right time to stop whether 6 months, a year, two years or beyond
  • You can give yourself the chance to self-care and thereby replenish their own energy so they can nurture their own babies – all leading to improved mental health of the whole family
  • Having postnatal support in place has been shown to reduce the risk of postnatal depression – thereby improving mental health outcomes for mum and reducing risks of mental health issues for baby into adulthood
  • Will allow you, as a parent, to talk to an expert about any issues you have whether feeding, sleeping, general wellness etc
  • Take the burden off any parent feeling that they have to go-it-alone by having someone there to help you
  • Provides a balanced non-judgemental approach that is different for each family.  Every family has different expectations, beliefs and ways they want to raise their babies and I will accommodate that
  • I will ease your path into parenthood and let you be the kind of parent you want to be
  • The stress of expectations will be taken away and you can enjoy your baby or babies in this busy world we live in by taking some time out and being given the space you need

If you’d like to know more, get in touch and book an appointment.

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