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EFT/One to One Support (Fertility/Birth) – Sam Leyton


“After suffering from 6 miscarriages and 1 termination last year I felt I needed some counselling to help me through the severe anxiety I was suffering. I was referred to Tricia through another counsellor, due to her specialism in fertility and birth.

I have to say, I had never heard of EFT technique but was open to trying it. Tricia and I conducted our sessions over Skype, which worked well for me as I felt safe and secure in the comfort of my home. The EFT technique helped me to work through the massive knot in my stomach I had surrounding my miscarriages and fertility. I always came away from the session feeling positive and less anxious.

To help me move forward and let go of some of the hurt surrounding the losses, Tricia used a technique called REWIND, which involved me bringing my anxieties to the surface and then imagining myself in a safe, calming place. This technique helped me to move forward and view being pregnant in a more positive light, removing some of the trauma I associated with it.

Since January this year I worked with Tricia through a successful pregnancy, right up to birth. Helping to keep me in a positive state of mind and also prepare for the birth.

Since having baby Freddie in October, Tricia has provided excellent support and advice on breast feeding.

Both the birth and breastfeeding bundles have been extremely useful.

I would certainly recommend Tricia to anyone who has fertility issues and looking to move forward with a more positive mindset and hopefully success like me with a beautiful baby.”

Doula Support – Maggie and Kevin (November 2017)

We were quite far through pregnancy by the time that we heard of a Doula but I am so glad that we discovered the concept of a doula and specifically Tricia.  From our first meeting with Tricia we felt calmer and more confident about the birth.
The preparation work that Tricia did with us, without a doubt, made the birth less daunting. She challenged us to rethink some of our presumptions around labour offering a wide range of evidence to support our re-education. She also made sure we thought through every possible  scenario and decide what we would do in each.
Due to this preparation, when the labour did not progress as hoped, we already knew what interventions we were happy with at each stage making decisions very easy when it mattered.
 The partner support offered by having Tricia present during labour was invaluable. Having someone there who was an advocate and supporter helped us deal with the various turns that labour took. As labour was on the long side, it also allowed my husband to have a couple of quick naps while I was never left alone and unsupported. After the birth,  It was also incredibly helpful having someone else to be able to discuss the labour with as we processed what had happened and why.
In terms of post natal support I cannot thank Tricia enough.  Having someone on hand to answer the million questions that arose surrounding breastfeeding, sleeping, crying, postnatal healing and all the other topics even vaugley baby related has been beyond helpful.
 I am very pleased that we made the decision to work with Tricia and should we have another baby would hope to work with her again.

Doula Support – Laeticia and Boz (November 2017)

I knew I wanted to hire a doula even before getting pregnant as my partner & I have no immediate family nearby and I felt we needed support to navigate through all the information regarding childbirth.
I clicked with Tricia straight away and I am so glad she became our doula as her help was beyond my expectations! She is super responsive, always available and has a great understanding of what new mums go through!
She kept me calm and grounded during the whole birth first at home and then crucially as I decided to transfer to hospital as I could feel my baby was not coming down. She helped alleviate my fear of hospitals and made me feel in control! I can’t thank her enough for this.
After the birth, as I was sore and tired, she visited us and helped with breastfeeding and offered reassurance. Overall she is the best investment we made for the safe and empowering arrival of our wee girl. Sienna is such a happy and calm baby and I’m sure she benefited from Tricia’s kind nature as much as I did!
Doula Support – anonymous (May 2017)
Tricia was our doula for the birth of our second baby, an attempted VBAC. She was utterly invaluable in informing and enlightening us on our choices, helping support us in navigating the system and supporting us in standing firm on our position in hospital appointments so we were fully prepared. As such, we went into the birth knowing we were working with our timeline (not the one the consultant wanted to impose) and confident that whatever happened we would be the ones calling the shots, something we had both felt didn’t happen with our first experience. Tricia was a huge support during the several days of labour that ensued and when we made the decision to have another section, the absolute right decision for our baby, she was there as a sounding board and source of support. We both felt so differently after this experience, and that is 100% down to feeling in control as a result of Tricia’s involvement. There are just so many questions we wouldn’t have known to ask if she hadn’t informed us. She is such a bubbly, kindly, non-judgemental woman, who really makes you and your partner feel at ease and who just wants you to have the best birth for you, whatever that may be. I would not hesitate in recommending her as a doula, or for any of the other services she provides.


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By email – Laura (Birth Trauma Recovery, April 2017)

“I was diagnosed with post natal depression and post traumatic stress disorder after becoming seriously ill with sepsis & pneumonia a few weeks after the birth of my baby girl. I was struggling to cope, to look after my older children, couldn’t sleep without having nightmares, and fell into a really dark place. On the days I managed to drag myself out of bed I found myself pretending I was getting out and about when my older kids were at nursery/partner at work, and would change the position of the pram then throw some clothes on before they came home to make it look as though we had been out. I was desperate to feel able to cope with all 3 kids on my own and yet the thought made me feel sick, as though it wasn’t possible. I visited Tricia for Rewind therapy and I can honestly say it has turned everything around for me. After a couple of sessions and some more reflection on things I hadn’t been able to properly process before I am back to enjoying looking after my children and having confidence in myself a mother. I go out because I want to, not because I have to. There’s rarely a day in the week that I’m not meeting someone for coffee/lunch or going to a baby group. I have known Tricia and admired her work for some time, I probably wouldn’t have considered Rewind therapy if it wasn’t her I had heard about it from, but I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is experiencing any form of trauma. It’s hard to explain exactly what it’s like but Tricia is clearly a natural with it, as I got so relaxed and into the “zone” I fell asleep during my first session. I am so very thankful for my opportunity to receive this help and get my life back on track.”

On Facebook – Jacqueline Nisbet, Homebirth, March 2017

“Tricia was my doula for my second pregnancy and played a huge role in it being such an amazing, positive experience for both me and my husband. Her passion for and knowledge about pregnancy, labour and babies made me feel incredibly empowered and confident.” Jacqueline Nisbet

By email – Laura (Joyful Birth, December 2016)

I was recommended to Tricia, through a lifelong friend, just prior to my second child being born. I had some issues / trauma from what I thought was from my previous experience of birthing. Upon meeting Tricia, I found her to be open, informative and extremely insightful. Quite quickly Tricia was able to establish that it wasn’t my previous experience and rather a loss of control that was making me anxious.  Tricia recommended using EFT, which I found a powerful tool to help deescalate my high levels of anxiety. EFT is a tool you can use anywhere and at anytime.  I would highly recommend to anyone who  wants to gain a sense of control over any emotional difficulties that may be experienced.  On a personal note I found profound changes in my emotional state after 1 session. I used it pre and post birth and will continue to use it when required.  I would recommend Tricia to anyone I felt would benefit from her excellent service.

By email – anonymous (EFT, February/March 2017)

I went to see Tricia as I was suffering from a horrible anxiety and my friend recommended EFT. I admit I wasn’t convinced after reading the information but I thought I’d give a go. Tricia put me at ease immediately and we worked through some of things that were making me feel edgy.  Within moments of starting the tapping technique I was calmer and the session was hugely beneficial. I’ve never know something to work so well so quickly and two weeks later I still feel great, I would highly recommend giving EFT a try.

By email – anonymous (EFT) (Baby Born October 2016, VBAC)

I hope you’re well. Just to let you know – our baby boy arrived on Saturday 1st! I’m delighted to say that I gave birth naturally with just gas & air. Probably my proudest moment.

My waters broke but I didn’t go into labour naturally within 24hrs so I was induced with oxytocin drip. That kick started a 6hr labour. I requested wireless fetal monitoring which meant I could use the bath and move around more. My boy was lying sideways which gave me acute backpain even between contractions but I managed to get through it with hypnobirthing breathing.

I did use EFT tapping to calm me down just before birth and in the run up. I really do think the EFT session I had with you helped to clear out negative feelings from my previous birth. You’re right – I think tapping is a great practical method of dealing with powerful emotions that could otherwise hijack your brain! I’m so glad I found you when I did!

By email  (EFT around PND/stress) 

I booked EFT sessions with Tricia to help get over my anxiety and fear of Post Natal Depression returning during my second pregnancy. I also hoped to work on coping with other stressful life situations during my pregnancy. I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough, she made me feel completely at ease! I had never experienced anything like EFT before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I couldn’t believe the difference in my coping skills after even just one session. Tricia made me feel  safe, secure and relaxed during the sessions and I wish I had known about EFT sooner in life. Thank you Tricia! (KD, Edinburgh)

By email  (EFT for Fertility)

I saw Tricia for some EFT with regards to fertility issues. I had a long and tiring three years trying to conceive my first child and and feel that during this time, in a quest to remain positive and relaxed about conceiving, I had suppressed a lot of emotions and stress. As I am now trying to conceive number two the weight of what happened the first time was upon me and I felt unable to cope with the prospect of going through it all again. My session with Tricia really helped relieve a lot of this pressure and I could not believe how much emotion I released. Tricia is exceptional and was 100% present during our time. I now feel so much more able to cope with ‘trying again.’ I only wish I had know Trica the first time round and urge anyone going through fertility issues to see Tricia as soon as possible. (Anon, Edinburgh)

By email – Aislinn Wilson (Joyful Birth) (Baby Born July 2016, HBAC)

I came across the Tricia’s Joyful Birth programme when pregnant on my second child. I was about 30 weeks and my midwife was asking more about mode of delivery and suddenly my first son’s emergency c section delivery, that I thought was “dealt with” came flooding back and all the negative elements of it were full force on my mind. I was terrified of the idea of dealing with medical staff , of not feeling listened to and having to be in hospital full stop. I didn’t know what to do with all these thoughts and feelings and just thought I’ll have to go with the flow again and hope for a better experience. Not so!! I did some preparation work with Tricia and felt I clicked with her from the start. Through chatting and tapping with EFT about my anxieties and using her endless list of people and resources, I changed from the midwife who I wasn’t happy with, decided on and organised a home birth, and most importantly got my husband on board too with the idea. Tricia gave a lot of support to my husband too by means of information, people to contact regarding his fears around a home birth. We had the HBAC birth We wanted and felt assertive and in control the whole way as a result of realising and dealing with our fears. I’m really glad I did the Joyful Birth with Tricia as I feel a lot more assertive in general around dealing with professionals even now when it comes to me or my kids.

By email – anonymous (EFT for Parenting)

I initially started EFT sessions with Tricia to try to work on my lack of self confidence and negative thought patterns related particularly to my parenting. Having benefited directly in the past from Tricia’s gentle and nurturing approach, it was very easy to open up to her and share the things I was struggling with. I had heard of EFT before but didn’t know much about it, so had no real expectations but I genuinely felt the benefits after one session, EFT is an amazing tool which is so easy and effective to use in daily life. I highly recommend Tricia if you are considering giving EFT a go, she has a wonderful way of creating a natural, safe and peaceful environment, even when you are discussing things that are difficult for you. Give it a go, you might just be surprised! (PM, Edinburgh)

By email – anonymous (EFT for Parenting)

Tricia used EFT with me to work on some deep emotional and situational challenges. I had been finding it difficult to release as some of the energy I’d built up over the period since having my first child and EFT acted as a pathway to freedom. I slept the best I’d slept in a really long time that night and felt a lot free-er and calmer for quite some time afterwards. EFT gave me some tools to add to my ‘self care’ toolbox so I can support myself better at times of challenge. Tricia has a really nice, non judgemental and caring way of working and i’d have no hesitation in receiving EFT with Tricia again should I feel I need it. (BT, Edinburgh)

On facebook – Tacy, mum to toddler and new baby, Edinburgh (Pregnancy, Birth and EFT support) [Birth January 2016]

“After a first traumatic birth my husband and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our second child. Tricia was the only doula we interviewed as we both fell in love with her. She was the right mix of knowledge and nurturing, exactly what we were after. She was very supportivethroughout my pregnancy and helped me during my key appointments to fight for the birth I wanted. She was also very helpful with me getting over my trauma. Second birth experience couldn’t be more different to the first. It was simply amazing and all that I wanted. We couldn’t have done it without her. And the food she brought us after I gave birth was God sent and so tasty. Can’t recommend her enough.” Taciana Jackson

By email, Alison, mum to twin boys, Edinburgh

I just wanted to share what a really positive two weeks I had with Tricia’s support. I have 12 week old twins and was in Edinburgh for two weeks and looking for someone that could give me a hand over the period, just jump in and someone I could feel immediately comfortable having in my home and have help care for my boys – and I found her!

Tricia has great experience with babies and clearly children in generally, has great ideas about how to settle them, sleep longer and just keep them content – although she always phrases everything as a suggestion for you to take onboard or not depending on how you feel.

In two weeks I even managed to drop a feed in the night and extend my sleeping opportunities, not something I had planned but happened because of a couple of Tricia’s suggestions. I am also still using lots of her little tips that I picked up along the way.

She is a lovely, caring, knowledgeable woman and would recommend her in a heartbeat.


By email – testimonial from Sara, Mum of twin boys Harry & Eddie (6 months), Edinburgh

I contacted Tricia about post natal support quite early in my pregnancy when I found out I was having twins, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! Before the birth, she gave us some options on what to buy, and some good advice on not buying too much. I was feeling quite daunted as a first time mum, but she gave me such confidence that things would be ok. She was such a calming influence and was a brilliant support to both me and my husband for just over 4 months in the end. In the early days she helped me establish exclusive breastfeeding and provided practical help with nappy changes, burping and settling the babies as well as helping to organise things and look after the boys to allow me a few hours of precious sleep during the day. Latterly she helped me work out how to get out of our flat for journeys in the car and on the bus and she also continued to take the boys out for a couple of hours to give me a break. Tricia has a lovely practical and gentle approach to baby care and she gave me confidence that I needed! 

By email – testimonial form Monica (birth February 2015)

It was so important to have Tricia at the Birth and during the all process, especially before, it gave me more confidence in my own choices and a wonderful warm support. I really liked the legs massage with aromatic oil in the first phase of the labour helping me with tiredness. Tricia, thanks a lot for your supportive and not invasive presence all way through…. the most powerful and miraculous experience to give birth to my daughter. Love, Monica

On Facebook – review from Gloria (mum to 6 week old girl), 21st January 2015

Tricia’s help and support was invaluable after the birth of my daughter. She was there from the first day back from hospital and I don’t know if I could have persevered with breastfeeding without her advice and encouragement. Tricia went on to provide me with practical advice and support in the following weeks – and sometimes just a few hours to myself to rest! I would recommend Tricia’s services to all new mums.

On Facebook – review from Carly (mum to 6 week old boy), 29th September 2014, Postnatal Care

Tricia has been invaluable. She was a calming influence in the home and offered reassurance and advice to both me and my husband in our new roles as parents. I was determined to breastfeed and Tricia helped me to get this established quickly despite having a few problems feeding after I came out of hospital.

I really can’t recommend her enough, thanks Tricia!

By email from Kara (mum to 10 week old twins), 17th July 2014, Edinburgh, Breastfeeding Support

Tricia came to help me breastfeed my twins when they were about 3 weeks old. Tricia’s manner is calm and empathetic and she understands not only the physical functions of breastfeeding but also what an emotional journey it can be. Through some minor changes in positioning and attachment, problems were resolved and I’m now managing to exclusively breastfeed my twins very successfully. Tricia has provided ongoing support over the last 7 weeks and I would highly recommend to support any new mum to breastfeed and in those initial few weeks where feeding can feel overwhelming. Having someone come to your home who has time, experience and knowledge of supporting new mums to breastfeed is invaluable.

By Email from Kirsty, Mum to 7 week old twins (9th December 2013):

Tricia kindly assisted us with our twin babies over the first few weeks after birth and provided an impeccable level of service. Tricia was knowledgable, reliable, trustworthy, supportive and extremely caring at a time when we were going through immense change in our lives and her support was unstinting. Tricia was most thoughtful and considered all aspects of relevant support, from childcare and twins parenting advice to shopping and cooking, for which we were most appreciative, even though we may not have outwardly shown it at the time! We got to know Tricia very well and aim to remain in touch in the future. We wish Tricia all the best with her business venture, you fully deserve to make a great success of it. Thank you for everything, Kirsty (Edinburgh)


5 thoughts on “Testimonials & Previous Clients

  1. Tricia has supported me- sarah twin mum to Chloe and finlay who are 11 weeks old. She is so inviting and easy to talk too, its easy to see that she genuinely cares about you and wants to help to make things better however she can. She is very positive and really focuses on mums health as well as the babies! Her combination of professional knowledge and her experience of being a twin mum makes her perfect to help any new mum! Thanks so much tricia.

    1. thank you so much Sarah – I really enjoyed meeting your gorgeous babies last week and they are so lucky to have you as a mum xx

  2. We can highly recommend Trisha!
    She is caring, kind, considerate and experienced.
    Time with her and our twins is nice as it is so helpful to talk everyday things through with someone who has lived through these moments.
    It is also nice to have the confidence to leave your precious babies with someone you can trust!!
    Every mum is different as are every little baby, Trisha takes the time to understand how the mum likes things done and how to best help the little ones. James and Sophia can recommend Trisha as do my husband and I.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely testimonial. Working with you and your family was a complete joy as you are such a natural, calm, relaxed mum (and dad) who adore your babies and you can see that reflected in your children. Have a lovely Christmas as a new family of four xxxx

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